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  1. Running into crashes or long delays during alien turns in combat, which is most noticeable when a reaper moves or attacks one of my soldiers. Then I run into some weird reload issues where my last turn and the aliens turn seem to load together (iron man save type). Probably going to give it a break and a restart once these issues are resolved.
  2. Clearly, everyone must conform to what I like. Forget opinions, the rest of you are wrong. /sarcasm On a serious note, I definitely want to see this happen, would be very interesting. Do your thing, Skitso.
  3. In agreement with disabling the ability to close all UFO doors, including bases. It doesn't make sense that Xenonauts can freely manipulate UFO doors, for one. Secondly, door spam is only possible if you can close the door and hide your units. Once it remains open, you leave yourself open to reaction fire on your turn, your units can be shot at on the aliens' turn, re-positioning is riskier, etc. I would like to see reaction fire on door open applied to every door type in the game, but to resolve the issue of door spamming the simplest and most effective method, imo, is to take away the door close option on specific types. With this, I don't think the auto-close feature needs to be adjusted at all.
  4. Hmm, that's a pretty interesting way to re-implement the current survival chance. It sounds like a function the vanilla med-kit should be given, though. I'm sure it will be interesting either way, looking forward to it.
  5. Update News section of http://www.xenonauts.com/ with the information? I guess that's outside of your power,but just a suggestion.
  6. Oh, so it's not a guaranteed revival then? Based on the wording, I thought the suggestion was for an item that guarantees the survival of a downed unit, hence the "Phoenix Down" reference. As long as it's not 100% revival, I'm not against a trial run. Edit: Also didn't realize they were just examples of what could be done if the CE source code allowed it. My bad. >.<
  7. Devs probably forgot to remove them when default visibility was switched. I still don't see why aliens need lighting at all from a lore perspective, but from a balance perspective I can see it. In that case, I'm not sure destroying the core should have any effect either. If your aim is to destroy the base, you won't be travelling very far anyway, so it would be a pointless change imo.
  8. Agreed that people looking for their personal vision of Xenonauts will start posting the balance change essays here. I propose a sticky, in bold red lettering if possible, that states the purpose of the Community Edition and requests that posters do not consider it an opportunity to push their requests for balance changes on the developers. Possibly include a statement that all such topics will be removed immediately, and follow-up on it. They will come, though.
  9. Xenonauts already has a chance to revive fallen soldiers. I don't like the idea of players being able to apply Phoenix Downs during combat, that would pretty much kill the tension.
  10. Agree that alien base missions should have night visibility by default, with enough ambient lighting to make up for it. Aliens shouldn't really need lighting in their bases, based on how well they can snipe your dudes in the dark...
  11. Usage carry over is a good idea, imo. Provides some additional decisions to be made about tackling multiple missions before heading back to base. Also, if players want to get around it by making a packmule, I say let them. You can get around berserk or mind control as well, and there's nothing the devs can do to stop that.
  12. I think there needs to be a sticky topic or some bill board that highlights the Community Edition. Literally, link that thread on the main Xenonauts website page, imo. Many people don't realize that could have everything they feel the game is lacking.
  13. He's saying that nobody is going to implement an idea they view as a joke. At that point, you have to do it yourself or leave it alone. Nothing mean about being honest. And before we get to the point of flaming Xeno because nobody will implement your ideas, it is not the game's fault for that. You're not paying the modders for their time or effort, are you? In that case, you must take whatever they are willing to do, or do it yourself. It is very easy to throw ideas around when you have zero interest in figuring out how they can be implemented.
  14. It's very easy to pirate a game in the guise of trying before buying, then never actually buying. Morally it's wrong, but people will do what they want. You should try games before buying by playing demo versions, not by pirating the full copy.
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