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    [V 3.0 Alien base crash]

    I have had the base crash today when I was playing as well. Game crashed right after I clicked end turn.
  2. For me the starter weapons are perfectly fine. My typical squad setup is 3 rifle, 2 shotgun, 1 shield+pistol, 1 machinegun, and 1 sniper. Yeah pretty standard I know, but it has worked well for me for the longest time. While I might change it up a little depending on the mission and supply situation, but by most part it stay like that. Shotgun and pistols are great at close range. The shotties suppress so easily and shred armor off of the bigger meanies quick, so much so that I use them to soften up drones, tanks, and things of that sort before everyone else shoots. Pistol suppress really well too and are due to better range can react quite fine. Also they can cause your guys to become crack shots which makes them more awesome. Pistol and shotties typically have the best stats. For the rifles I tend to burst fire everything down nowadays. Early on burst fire at range or up close can handle most things. Machineguns are good in everything that they do. Have them kneel down and unleash from afar. If I really need to kill something run the wielder up close to have the close range bonus effectively negate the accuracy loss of moving. Sniper rifles while not as amazing as in vanilla are a must for me early on since early weapons ranges are so poor the sniper is the only one that can reasonably hit and damage enemies from afar. He/she is often supporting far away fireteams. I will say one more thing. I remember the older versions of X-Division. Back then a CAESAN NOMCOMBAT could take a rifle burst to the face and live. Think about it. Also the Alien Melee(Not Reapers) units were absolute horrors. Things were demons incarnate absolutely murdering anything unluckly soul in range. Back then flamethrowers were actually worth taking. Also grenades. Grenades raining from the sky. Edit: In short, as free weapons the starting weaponry are balanced and usable early on.
  3. Thanks a bunch Charon. I had forgotten when I posted that you had left so when I released that I decided to want a couple weeks to check back. Gonna get back to playing me some Xenonaunts now and try to get to Phase 2 once more without being utterly steamrolled once I get there now that I now about the terror site cooldown bug. What a nasty and disgusting bug. Glad you guys have quashed it for the next version. Holy moly it made everything so unimaginably hard. I will comment after a while on how this third playthrough's progress. I will only modify the reveal tile limit so don't think that I will make the game a breeze. EDIT: Curious about something. When it comes to the installation, do I have to delete the scripts every time I put something in (Base mod delete script ->Patch 3 delete script -> Charon's changes delete script) or can I only do it once if I install everything at the same time? I would assume the later since nothing has been run yet,
  4. Hey Charon. I believe I after much digging in the game files I believe I found where the reveal after "X" turns is at. That place being the config.xml this section: <RevealAllTiles afterTurns="20" /> <!--For Town, SovietTown and XenoBase tilesets --> No need to answer my question anymore. Glad to see you back btw. Also nice drages, very nice indeed.
  5. *Reads main post after not being on for many a day* "That is why I am getting swamped" Hi yall. Nice to see the forums again. Looking quite spiffy. Last time I tried to get on I spent a day and a half getting error messages. I guess the reason why was because of this upgrade. If I had gotten on at the time I would have given a balance update due to several things happening in my game. One such thing was the fact I was being goddamn swarmed with Terror Ships, Air Terror site units, and Terror Battleships. If only I could have gotten on at that time I could have salvaged this campaign. I managed it due to Airgame combat skills and the fact that I had 6 bases each with at least 4 very capable aircraft. Problem got serious was when Cruisers and heavier alien craft started running around unmolested by most part because I just could not keep up. What made it worse was the Terror Site that happened EVERY. DAMN. WAVE!. Never had time to get to more then one or two crash a wave. Thankfully I know better now. While there any a number of things that I can comment on(Good and not so Good) the only thing I will say is that the research descriptions are really useful. Could have helped immensely first time around. They are almost like Xenopedia Entries by themselves. Also never saw a landing craft. Straight from corvettes to cruisers. Finally a question for Charon: I was reading the changelog for your modification and everything seems workable and something I could try with exception for one thing. No reveal on terror sites after 25 turns. For me that is a deal breaker. Had too many nightmares and traumatic experiences from early Xenonaunts before they added that feature. Hyper reactionary androns hiding in building corners never moving or worse as several of my xenonaunts experienced. "Xenonaunt IRON WALL: Where are puny aliens? I wish to beat their heads into paste. Xenonaunt MARCUS: We have been scouring the entire battlefield for 20 minutes straight and no contacts but our readings indicate something is still here. IRON WALL: My gut is acting up due to coming off of the adrenaline. I will use the restroom. *Opens bathroom door* Large Drone humms with energy. IRON WALL *Turns around* "DEAR GOD HEL-" *Is vaporized.* I always demolished every building with C4 is early Xenonaunts for this very reason. So much C4 If that feature is not there I will gleefully try you changes. As such would it be possible for me to return it to normal?
  6. What is the md5? I see it next to the download but I have no idea what it does. Gonna restart my game right now since I know now that my research is not activating properly for I just a confirmed Sebelian weapons sergeant who was repeatedly hit with electrified stick, went down, had a Xenoaunt check him, and during mission completion it still just sold the animal. Also I took on a Andron corvette. In the old version when you first kill the Androns and yoink their bodies you can research them for good stuff. Not for me. The guard bodies nor the hubs gave research. It is hard right now since corvettes are now running around and I got no Fox or Wolf Armor to help alongside no Alenium explosives. With how it is right now I bet that there will be more errors down the road. Got surprised to hell by that Sebelian tank that was added. Scared the crap out of me when it came around a corner and blasted my poor dudes. On the matter of large enemies. On the Andron corvette(Shot down) I encountered Large and Medium drones again. Now given the type of mod this is I can see medium drones on basic corvettes but not Large Drones, they can't even fit in the darn thing why is it there? The other matter is that the Cyberdisks and the lone Tank that I fought(I know their names since I went digging through the files when the research did not appear.) are not dropping their item bodies or their bodies are being destroyed in the explosion. I remember the Medium and Large Drones used to a one point have this problem. Also the Tank is using the hover sound when it seems to use tracked wheels. Purpose or necessity? Finally the score for my first game of the massively updated X-Division. 7.5/10 - Good game. Lots of improvements, cool stuff around. Also personally I liked the locked main doors so far especially now that the inner doors are open. Good old close quarters death for my Xenonaunts are back. P.S. I will keep my save incase you guys want to look at it. P.S.S. Gonna take a look at those Charon changes, might like them.
  7. I would agree that at the level of difficulty that they ramp up that it is way too many Terror missions too quick. In 55 day I had 3 terror mission which aside from the first due to retarded Caesan squads feeling the need to flex their muscles up close were very difficult. MK2 weapons and a vehicles are musts. The Caesan assault force which was comprised of several psions, a officer, and lots of blue shirt along with 2 warrior and 3 drones. There were 2 cyberdisk looking guys but never got a research prompt for them(Bug or intended?). Given that Caesan jumpsuits are crappy against ballistics a player could still have standard rifles and beat them. Sure the morph are especially resistant to them but between HMG, some Armour mitigation weapons, and fire/explosive based weapons one can deal with them. The Androns force not so much. The Large and Medium drones are so deadly and are so durable that they act as area denial and kept the player far away. Way hard but if one has the best stuff still doable. I feel however that I might not be getting all of the supposed research unlocks for I got no alenium explosives yet despite being sure I got all the required specialists. Hell I even complete the said research on the stuff. Will report on that later. Still having loads of fun. Currently re-downloading the mod just encase something got corrupted.
  8. My Caesans seem to have gotten extremely aggressive for they seem to want to see the whites in my guys eyes before going full auto. Made my first terror mission go so much smoothly then it could have. Especially with all the added civilians and local force who made everything so much more alive. Feel like I was in a real battle. Only true threats where the Aliens who unlike the Caesan acted like they were suppose to are tore the locals new assholes and almost got my guys too. The flying saucers(Did not get a research articles after the battle so no idea what they are.) also were a surprise and blast to fight. The pair had a duel with my rocket hunter who was sadly lost but did massive damage to the saucers who were finished off with small arms. My second terror mission a minute ago was not the same experience. HOLY HELL! I expected to encounter Androns soon so I had me some lasers and everyone has Jackal armor and are pretty good however, medium and FREAKING LARGE drones(Note:Plural) when I only got Jackal armor and phase 1 stuff. Seems rather harsh don't ya think? After several minutes of battle I realized that I was gonna lost everybody because there seemed not was to do enough damage with all the ignore suppression and causes suppression going all around. So I loaded my autosave at the start of my mission and bugged my 8 Xenonaunts +1 tank outa in my chopper there and left the 3 odd dozen people to the 2 dozen aliens to play with. Strangely there was also what looked like a red(Or green) shirt Caesan there running around. Really curious about that. Edit: Had another terror mission. Had those bloody drones again but this time was during the day and I was able to win although I got nothing except some ballistic weapons along with +$800,000 monthly predicted funds for South America since the first terror and this terror happened there and I succeeded. However poor China is still in the read from the aborted second terror. Found out that Caesan was a "Early Terror Caesan" and a Sebilian that popped up too was the same. Lost two O.G. Xenonaunts which always hurts. I am gonna miss those two. For the record I am playing on Normal since I did not read anything difficulty recommendations unlike the version I originally played way back.
  9. Long time ago I was a active player of XDivision but things happened and only recently when looking through some games and reminicing on my first XCOM like game which was Xenonaunts I so happened to click on it and noticed on the workshop XDivision. Lo and behold on how I have spent a great part of the past 24 hours on. XDivision only seemed liked a expansion pack like version of Xenonaunts with a crapton of new additions. This version however seems like almost a heavy overhaul. Sadly have not gotten that far in but so far great. Have not played with the patch so no detailed feedback yet but I like it.
  10. It is not only the fire damage that makes the NextGen Sniper great, it's the great armor mitigation! It makes it do damage to anything regardless of resistance in the early game. That makes it a godsend against hardy foes. The fire damage is quite funny though. Having entire wooded areas get brought down due to one guy with a rifle is pretty funny. So many aliens would run behind a tree waiting for me to get closer when surprise! The tree crumble and a whole line of bullets(Or stun batons) start smacking them. Makes me so gleeeful and a bit sad with my Lance Precision laser which can't do that. Thankfully it can make it up in many other ways.
  11. Got it. Never meet it before so I assumed it was a bug. I hope there is not a trend occurring. Ahh man. I was hoping that there would be some way to know which Caesans are Era 1 or 2. With the Sebillians it is quite easy to tell them apart so I don't have to stun every which one that looks different. A question for all X-Division Players.. Why are you so rich? (Note: Difficulty is Normal.) a) The alien drops are so expensive, its enough to sell all the weapons just to be rich.. While one can sell the weapons for a hefty profit, new players like me never sold many because we did not know what was needed. So far on this second playthrough of mine I ended up selling a lot more early on because I knew that a number of what I needed was far less leading to a far amount of extra cash. b) Disassemble ufos gives me more then i need.. Until I figured out that I could sell those recovered pieces of equipment I was only getting by with about $50,000 to $100,000 at any given time with half of my engineering department devoted to making NextGen pistols for profit. Once I got those with the hugely abundant amount crash sites I secured the money(Was raiding for Alloy and Alenium alongside extra weapons to sell for cash.) situation became so much easier. When I figured out that I could sell the wrecks I had 18 lights scouts, 21 scout, 7 fighters, and 5 corvettes worth of equipment. That is a lot of cash. It is the other main source of income alongside the funding the world gives me. c) The world feeds me so much at every month. They do give a nice amount of cash, normally between $500,000 to $1,000,000 after paying bills every month. That extra does not last long but it is a extra bonus. This is of course with very happy countries. Haven't lost one. d) Manufacturing and selling is the key for easy money.. This is a whee bit on the so-so side for me. I found Manufacturing for profit to be hard to maintain as a primary source of income. I have 40 engineers early on and it can be quite difficult to make items at a fast enough rate to build important equipment early on. Later on I can have my HQs 80 dudes working on making pistols since they most of the time got nothing to do. I play on normal and have never lost a battle due to reloading. While I do really do that in the airgame as much(It is mostly to maximize shot down or intercept landing UFOs.) the ground fights quite often lead to that. As a result I am not spending much money replacing dudes. In terms of material lost due to enemy fire is about (1st game) 4 guys(Morbid I know), 2 jackal armor, 1 wolf, and 1 buzzard and the second game is 3 dudes, 1 jackal armor, 2 buzzard. Another reason as to why I have so much money is that I have often avoid buying a lot of stuff. There is a lot of weapons and items but I end up not buying due to me trying to conserve Alloys or Alenium(Andron parts etc.) or there not really being a lot of point. I have not even touched the EMP/Shock guns since my Shock grenades and stun batons do the job just fine. I do try a weapon here and there but I mostly stick in terms of weapons like this: Basic balistic, NextGen Ballistic,(I never replace that 1 NextGen Sniper until Lance Precision. That 1 NextGen Sniper is so good that he is crucial.), SPEAR AP Mixed with Laser then Lance Laser. For a long time I even avoiding buying Enhanced Flash and Smoke grenades until I found that there were nice upgrades and I had loads of cash.
  12. Just encountered a bug. See, I had this Alien Outpost that was Sebillian and when it turned into a base it became a Caesan base. I am sure this is not intended. I know it was Sebillian due to checking out the base beforehand to see if it was Andron or not. Since it wasn't I left it alive so it could grown into a Base and hopefully have some desperately needed 2nd era specialists. Low behold that is was not Sebillian. Guess those Caesans came in and said "Holy Praetor! This place reeks! Get you stupid scaly country butts out of here." and proceeded to completely remodel the place. I tested and it can change to another race. Pop open a door a get face to face with a Heavy Drone and Elite Andron. On a side note, how can one tell 2nd Era Caesans Specialists from 1st Era? 2nd Era Sebllians Specialists. seems to have chest armor but I have not noticed any differences for Caesans.
  13. Hey drages, I want to make sure that Hotfix 2 with the Blood Grenade fix won't need a restart. Also are you alright with my wish to join the Lore Writters? I haven't see a answer in your posts. Regardless this mod is quite fun and good. It is the game I have been playing most recently.
  14. Whoot the hotfix! It kinda sucks to start over but at least this time I won't have to be taking on landing ships with basic explosives. I began recently never taking frags due to uselessness. I was thinking that I had to take a cruiser to get Alenium explosives. I did not know who to capture for what and how it worked so getting lasers was very delayed. In truth he was dead most of the time until like the 13th UFO. I get it for the Stun Batons. Will the Advanced Stun Batons be using a sprite eventually(Maybe sharing the Stun Baton sprite) or will the Xenonauts keep staring alien in unconsciousness? Same thing for using alien weapons. It is kinda of cool though to see my Xenonauts looking like they are casting Fireballs. The thoughts I was having about that Sebellian weapon bug is that they are using weapons that they are not suppose to have. Aren't Vindicator weapons supposed to be for Androns only? This is only assumption on my part because this is my first playthrough. Really looking forward to playing the hotfix campaign tonight, thank you a lot for it. I am interested in helping with the lore. I see that loading screen tooltip(So useful, I struggled with money until I learned I could sell disassembled UFOs for cash.) quite often and I have gotten interested.