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  1. Hi Chris, I hope you all had a nice break over Christmas. As a backer of X1, I am truly excited that you are working on number 2 and you can obviously count on me being an early backer once again. I played the one available mission and these are my thoughts at this early stage of the game; Pro's Much nicer graphics and animations. I quite like the cover system. Makes the game more fluid than the original where I tended to put soldiers in crouch after every move. AI seems better overall. Con's Targeting reticule much too large. AI does have a tendency to run back and forth between two points of cover. AI frequently destroys the cover it's in when firing. Aliens can be difficult to see when in cover. Wishes When over watch initiates, I would like to see a straight thin line drawn between the soldier and it's target rather than the green squares. Probably unlikely now, but would rather a hexagonal grid rather than squares.
  2. Thanks for the comments everyone. I have been playing Xenonauts on and off for quite awhile now so I know that there is no rank system in place. I also know that in some real life elite units, many members have high ranking. But game wise, it would have been nice for soldiers promoted to actually have some bearing on the whole squad i.e. slight increase in movement, combat capabilities etc. Still, it's a great game and I'm looking forward to the final release. Maybe then the mods will flow.
  3. Will this be put back in? It seems really silly to have a squad of high ranking soldiers. Surely a tiered system to only allow one Captain, two lieutenants etc. would be more immersive and believable.
  4. Is it me or do squad members seem to be levelling up faster than ever? After a handful of combats, everyone is a Captain or close to that rank.
  5. LOS? I think it's the FOW distance that is the problem. Aliens seem to see further and can target soldiers without any comeback unless you close the distance to them. I really think any fire should reveal the firing units position and/or at least let your sniper have a much longer sight.
  6. Just had a quick go and GC did not crash while loading in 1680x1050. Inventory issue also fixed. Have a good Christmas everyone.
  7. Is the crashing on CM loading occurring with ATI cards only? Using my test save, I tried the following resolutions; FS=Fullscreen W=Windowed 1680x1050 FS-CTD 1/5 W-2/1 1600x900 FS 10/10 no CTD 1440x900 FS Ok 1400x1050 FS Ok 1366x768 FS Ok 1360x1024 W Ok 1280x1024 W CTD 1280x960 FS Ok W CTD I only tried the majority of resolution once so not really conclusive apart from 1600x900 works for me.
  8. Chris I started another new game at 1600x900. Saved just before the first CM. Mission loaded successfully. I then quit, changed game resolution to 1680x1050, loaded the save and it CTD on the CM loading screen. From that I conclude that the game crashes (for me) running it in 1680x1050 resolution. For the record: Windows 7 64bit. I5 3550 3.3GHz unclocked. ATI 5850 1Gb unclocked
  9. I have now started 8 missions successfully without a crash since lowering resolution....I only used default troop layout. I'll try again after selecting troops.Fgart: It seems video/graphic related somhow. Redwallzl: Known issue. Being fixed asap. Keyser: Damn, I hated that glitch
  10. I have now started 6 out of 6 missions without a crash, it must be down to resolution in my case.
  11. I'm not sure, are community maps bundled with the game? It seems to be a tileset problem but since changing resolution I have not CTD
  12. I have now successfully loaded 5 out of 5 combat missions. Try changing your screen resolution. On 1680x1050 it CTD on 1600x900 it seems to be workingEdit: I meant game resolution not screen.
  13. I had a crash on 1680x1050 non windowed so I guess it was a fluke. I have since changed the resolution to 1600x900, started two games and the first combat mission has not crashed on loading? I noted that the launch screen is showing V20 Stable, it has lost the 2
  14. Chris, I started a new game after re-downloading and the first combat crashed on loading screen. I quit and started again using windowed mode and the first combat initiated. This could be a fluke so I will try a few more times. Keyser Thanks Keyser, It has no effect on the game then?
  15. O'h well, worth a shot Is anyone else having the 240kb file constantly being downloaded when verifying?