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  1. Hey, I had to do the same thing as Rambodoc since it didn't send me an email either. Glad to have Xenonauts access now YES! **edit** Well what do you know, I just received the Desura key in email then.
  2. I actually only just made a Desura account today, since I've never actually used it before. http://www.desura.com/members/arilax This is my account. I would try the current method but I can't, since I don't have Xenonauts on my account (as you can see). Same email address I paid with. Happy to send you my proof of purchase if you like.
  3. Hey there, I'm not a regular on the forums obviously, I've sort of just been waiting for a release for this game. I pre-ordered it back in 2011, for the $30 premium, after my legacy order was changed over. I still have my receipt from Paypal and can provide it if necessary. I never received a key for Desura (although I don't really use it) even though I was promised that I would get one via email, and apparently the only way to get a Steam key is if you already have a Desura key. Which I don't have. I'm just wondering if I can actually, you know, get the game somehow, considering I paid for it years ago and still don't have a way to access it.
  4. Yazman

    V8.1 Released!

    I wasn't trying to offend anybody, I'm surprised that it bothered you really given that you're in Australia. It's just a standard thing here, how on earth were you bothered by it? o_O Unless you're just visiting, I guess. Just to clarify, we're required to use Desura to get it? In that case I'll just wait for the Steam release . We did get promised keys for Steam AFAIK.
  5. Yazman

    V8.1 Released!

    Where the fuck do I get the game? I've had a preorder for a while now (since just before the paypal issues) and I still can't figure out where the hell to get it. I can't find anything linking me to it on the forums or website.