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    Stretch Goal Poll Options

    Couldn't the tileset for the Xenonauts base be reused as the tileset for the military bases, simply with randomly generated rooms? And then just change where your soldiers spawn, so instead of defending you have to assault the military base and kill the invading aliens.
  2. GrumpySage

    Stretch Goal Poll Options

    I think I read on this forum that in the old X-Com, the order aliens appeared in was randomized, so each game was different? If so, that could be a stretch goal if you're interested in adding that to the game (to increase replayability).
  3. GrumpySage

    Kickstarter: Chris in a box @5000$?

    "His name is Chris England and he has no clue where he is. Will he make it back to London in time to finish Xenonauts? Don't miss the season finale of Stuck in a box!"
  4. GrumpySage

    Kickstarter: Chris in a box @5000$?

    We should start a kickstarter to fund the "Chris England gone wild" video! Reward tiers: $15: Picture of Chris jumping out of the box. $50: Video of Chris jumping out of the box or signed picture. $250: Invited to see Chris jump out of the box + video (backer have to pay travel costs). Limited to 20 backers. $2000: Choose where Chris should be shipped to and jump out of the box. Limited to 1 backer.
  5. GrumpySage

    Kickstarter $200+ tiers?

    The Order of the Stick kickstarter offered a limited number of signed books, due to time constraints. However, he later offered "Patience is a virtue" rewards where he offered more of the same rewards, but they wouldn't be processed until everything else was done. Perhaps this can be translated into something you can do, like offering more people their face in the game, but after the game ships.
  6. GrumpySage

    Cost of Aircraft and other balancing

    Maybe Chris could include a couple of 'cheats' for testing purposes? Like you gain $1.000.000 if you press up, up, down, L2, up, up.
  7. Not sure if this has been brought up (I don't remember it), but: Have the % of fuel left on the 'aircraft is ready to engage enemy' popup.
  8. I decided to write this 'guide' as I've seen a few people mentioning they had trouble with the aircraft combat. This works for the UFO Scout and may work with the UFO Corvette using heavy missiles (this is untested). I engage the UFO with 2 F-17 aircraft (let's call them 'Adam' and 'Bob'). I command Adam (which the UFO always seems to go for) to fly directly north, and Bob to fly almost straight at the UFO, but not attacking it (changing course as needed to make sure Bob stays outside the UFO's cone of fire) (see pic 1). When there is about 2 cones length between Adam and the UFO, I command him eastwards (see pic 2). When Bob passes the tip of the UFO's cone of fire, I command him to attack the UFO (see pic 3). Bob will move to intercept, but stay behind the cone. At this point Bob will fire his missiles, the UFO will roll, but still be hit (since you're attacking from the side - also, it rolls too early and away from the missiles). After being hit the the UFO should turn to flee (with 70% damage, if both missiles hit). To make sure you catch up to it and kill it (using the cannon), activate the afterburner on Bob (see pic 4). You can also command Adam to attack, but he may not be able to intercept before the UFO has either escaped or died due to the distance. So, basically, flank with Bob, while luring the UFO with Adam. Here it is, in pictures: Pic 1: http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/4394/act1t.png Pic 2: http://img812.imageshack.us/img812/5143/act2h.png Pic 3: http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/9953/act3.png Pic 4: http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/8152/act4g.png Against a Corvette class UFO, your missiles will not do a lot of damage (I have not tried this tactic with the MIG plane/heavy missiles) and I had to use almost all the shots in the cannons of both aircraft to take the Corvette down, taking some damage in the process (although both planes survived). Chris, not sure if you were planning on updating the AI for aircraft combat or not (and as I have only seen the first two types of UFOs, I don't know if the tactic works with the later ones). Todo: Does this tactic work with 2 MIG's against a scout?
  9. Oh, Bob Bobson, I love that dude! I like it! You might want to ask someone colorblind about how it looks?
  10. GrumpySage

    Pre-UFO Research Options Thoughts

    I actually have a small 'guide' for Air Combat that I've been meaning to post. It is from V8.2 I believe, but it should be the same for the current build. It uses the firing arcs quite heavily and I actually managed to (barely) down a Corvette with 2 F-17's, without losing either. Edit: Posted here http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php?496-Aircraft-combat-tactic-%282-F-17s-vs-Scout%29
  11. GrumpySage

    Just Pre-ordered...

    Also, you cannot change the movement in the middle of a move. You need to cancel the movement first (spacebar I believe?) and then issue a new order.
  12. GrumpySage

    Build V8.4 Released!

    Is there any case when you want to not shoot during your turn (assuming you can see an alien), but leave your AP for reaction fire? If so (and it isn't a corner case), I can see the case for having the reserve AP being untouchable during your turn. Otherwise, I think they would work best by locking the AP so they can only be used for shooting. If I choose to shoot during my turn, they can be spent, otherwise they are left over for reaction fire.
  13. (please note this is from the 8.2 version). I had a soldier spend 0 AP both moving and turning. See pictures. http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/6049/pic21.png http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/8353/pic22o.png http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/2640/pic23.png I believe it happened after he went through my makeshift 'door' that he is standing near on the pictures. Possibly has something to do with the displayed cost of moving is '?'. Sorry for the vague details. Possibly related to this? http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php?240-V8.0-Ground-Combat-Soldier-spending-too-many-AP
  14. GrumpySage

    M.I.B. in Xcom

    In the game "Evil Genius" you could place henchmen on the map in various region, asking them to steal money and other things. This generated "Heat" with that region - the higher the heat level, the bigger chance that the region would kill your henchmen and send people to attack your evil base of operations. The heat could either be from the aliens or the government. The aliens would not be fond of agents running around trying to locate their secret bases. As Sathra mentioned, the government in that region might get increasingly annoyed with secret agents running around 'flashing' their populace and generally not knowing what their goals are (it could be a foreign agent posing as a M.I.B., which would tie into the cold war theme). I think it would have to be a choice whether to use agents or not. Perhaps they have a monthly cost, but can give some of the above benefits. If they have an upkeep cost, the agents shouldn't solely give a bonus to monthly payments. If an agent is killed, there should be a reason why you can't dispatch a new one straight away, or a penalty to doing so. Perhaps the MIB organization has to train or dispatch another one, or when you hire an agent, there is also a one-time payment besides the upkeep.
  15. Ah, apologies. I thought you wanted bugs re-reported in a new thread, as per my thread "A couple of suggestions/bugs?".