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  1. But i can delete FR versions of mods, if i don't need them?
  2. Hm. It seems that described problem not reproduced each mission. Don't know, how to reproduce it 100%. Will keep trying.
  3. Imagine that you have 10 bases (or more, each containing 4 aircraft (or more). You gain access to new rocket(torpedo)/laser and plan equip to dozens of your fighters. Or you construct dozens new aircrafts and need to equip they at your own vision. It's a pain do it right now. I wish a similar function, that we already have to equip soldiers. Template for classes. Player create a template(s) for each aircraft class and choose to: -try equip current (selected) aircraft -try to equip all similar aircraft in this base -try to equip all similar aircraft in all bases
  4. Hello there. I found a bug with stun rod. I can effectively hit an alien when xenonaut stay directly in front, back, left and right position. But not diagonally. Here scheme for example: -+- +.+ -+- Where "-" - place where xenonaut can't hit "+" - sucessfully hit "." - alien
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