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  1. I put a link to it from this article, but not many comments, so not sure how much traffic that would generate.
  2. Joystiq is reporting an October release for X-Com: Enemy Unknown
  3. I was actually reading articles about the Firaxis X-Com game, and in 2 of the 3 articles there were comment mentioning (promoting) Xenonauts as a closer reimagining of the original X-Com games. That prompted me to visit the forums to see if there was any news on the development. I had previously set up RSS feeds on the Goldhawk and Xenonaut news blogs which haven't been updated for a while. Am looking forward to the Kickstarter project. I think it will raise the profile of the game tremendously and hopefully raise a bit more funding for polish. I've been a pre-orderer of Xenonauts for a while now (since before X-Com was announced).
  4. This is the first build I tried since the first preorder build. I'm amazed at the quality and stability that is already there. It is already very playable and addictive. Well done to Chris and the development team. I hope the Kickstarter brings in more funds (and attention) so that a good polish phase can be done.