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  1. Ya I remember the green plasma shots from the original xcom, But I guess The bright blue also works to identify plasma, because of the plasma clip and the plasma shot from xenonauts.

    Also remember to check the extras on the front page, they include shields with triangles representing the current pistol you are using with each respective color.

  2. Specially punishing for me since I was playing on insane with iron man mode, so basically I lost 7 out of my 8 operatives in the first mission, managed to retreat my rocket launcher guy, killed 8 aliens, but it clearly wasnt enough, there were like 8-9 approaching my ship.

    Next time that I start this game again, I will make sure to bring 3 rocket launchers, the bastards like to make groups of 3-4 all the time, so I am just going to blow them to pieces.

  3. Also I have been experimenting doing the laser icons, by adding red triangles to 2 of the corners you will be able to distinguish lasers from standard equipment.

    Laser Pistol.png

    Here is an example.

    This is what the whole set looks like so far:


    Colored Version:


    Also does anyone know how to remove thumbnails if I have to, because I have 3 at the moment in the first post, but I want to remove them.

    Well apparently I click the manage attachment button and it just tells me I dont have permission.

    Laser Pistol.png