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    Test translation into russian

    Так точно! Гугльтренслейтом, ручками только начал править. Но вообще я опоздал, народ уже всё перевёл http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4045972&start=690 mainmenu.lua надо кидать в \assets\scripts\
  2. I want to try to present my version of the translation of the game. This is a trial version, was made only for myself, for that would play in Russian. It translated into almost everything, but there are not a lot of drawbacks. Files: strings.xml - moving most of the interface, xenopedia.xml - translation xenopedia (most of the translated using translate.google and needs editing), mainmenu.lua - translation of the main menu (failed to translate captions to the menu - the game gives an error if we translate) So there are some titles in the game that cause errors if they translate into russian - these titles were not translated. Some of the names are taken from the original Xcom UFO Defense. Some of the words are taken in a short form - as in the english and russian words have different lengths. Pictures of translation are presented below. Version of the game - 18 Stable P.S. Может русскоязычному комьюнити уже тут на Великом и Могучем начать общаться?
  3. <p><p><p>a little late, but Welcome to the Forums!</p></p></p>