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  1. C. jejuni

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    Just a quick question: are there benefits to catching the same unit type of alien twice, or can I resume to killing them on sight after catching a live specimen for vivisection? Edit: Ok, already realised I get more ressources from "disassembling" live specimen.
  2. C. jejuni

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    @CharonWell that's a serious bummer! The pros far outweigh the cons though. Running through a jungle at night with an all-PVT outfit retaught me the meaning of dread. Thanks!
  3. C. jejuni

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    I saw in a thread for an older version that Fire In the Hole! would be included in X-Division by use of high explosives, but I can't seem to effect anything when trying to blow up a UFO's hull. Was the feature removed again, or am I doing something wrong?
  4. That's what I thought, which is why I was surprised.
  5. Never heard about that the Messer was supposed to be used against the armor of its time, since that would indicate it's meant to be a wartime weapon, which it really wasn't. The HEMA societies where I sniffed around certainly never ever mentioned anything like that, nor anything else I looked up regarding the Messer, and I hope they should know their Renaissance fighting. Thinner parts of the armor? I suppose you mean the gambeson/maille-only weakspots?
  6. Nope, see my thread in the experimental subforum.
  7. C. jejuni


    The forums I've been before just had a sticky where they explained how to best report bugs, like how to format the title and post, what to write, what sort of files to include (usually just dxdiag). Chances are many bug reporters will adopt that because after all they're here to be helpful to begin with. Example.
  8. Whenever I approach a UFO, the interior is revealed as though the door and parts of the hull would not block sight. Pciture here, once Steam works again. When I tried to activate roofs once, nothing happened for the current round -probably related to the other issue I posted-, and in the next round this happened. Reference picture.
  9. Well, nothing much to really explain here. I wound up with a desert mission when I attacked a crash site that was deep inside the African jungle, hundreds of km away from the nearest desert in real life. That is weird and disappointing. How does the game decide which tileset to use? Picture
  10. Flares when thrown outside of the basic view range of the soldiers will not reveal the illuminated fields. Only those that were already visible will be illuminated. If you send your solider far enough that the flare itself is in their view range, everything is properly illuminated. Reference picture.
  11. Well that makes sense. Though in that case you'd probably want a thrusting weapon. Forget the Messer, pack in a Pollaxe instead.
  12. Oh god, yes. I look forward to the happy day when I can purchase one of those myself.
  13. Oh yeah, semitransparent is different. It doesn't help with desperately searching the alien that popped in sight as dark as the night itself during night missions, but you could argue it's part of the challenge I suppose.
  14. Removing walls will rather confuse I think. I think I'd rather wait a week more for a full release if it means getting outlines. They're good stuff.