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  1. Duke

    Xenonauts V1.0 Released!

    i will go to stream, ru hardcore challenge soon!
  2. Duke

    V22 Experimental 6 Released!

    i played. and i asked to make it optional. i dont want dat option
  3. Duke

    V22 Experimental 6 Released!

    - The "Reveal All" what?! is it optional? oh sht. make it on\off pls. its realy bad casual option
  4. Duke

    V22 Experimental 6 Released!

    - PersistentLOS yeah nice. that was i asked 3-5 month ago
  5. - Smoke grenades no longer block line of sight. you kidding me. turn it back pls
  6. Duke

    Russian translation + resonansER

    ну может хоть вы завезете, а то у меня на стримах все спрашивают: а когда игру переведут
  7. aliens attack me only if i in agro zone. except reaction shoots, its work great
  8. unlimited grenades in aliens equipment. sad. and they throw grananed no matter what. 1 or more xenonauts in front of view
  9. yes. spend all avaible money
  10. after 1 missions now game freze at end of ground combat and dont show stat of missions etc. after close game from taskmanager game work and do saves. but after 1 mission it freze again save
  11. when alien can agro shooting on player through walls they also ignore smoke grenade (smoke do not affect penalty accuracy on them) also at this save you can find bug my soldiers can see 2 lvl ufo from 1 lvl of map http://puu.sh/3TxOX.sav