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  1. DLC,Why not but if new content add new gameplay we can also introduce in a second DLC the next step the xenonots that will use the gateway capured to invade the alien plannet of the other side to securise the gateway in both side for a long time peace. and invert the game It's for this it's important that tech give just new damage type not more damage. I mean armor should have weakness against certains type of damage bullet or plasma or ecm etc. Technology will open the possibility tu use new damage type. So the technology impact will be ballanced. at the first step alien have not a lot of bullet armor but quickly they will change their plasma armor to bullets then they will regulary try to counter xenonauts weapons etc... so at all type all weapons will be interesting and never obsoletes.
  2. I think it can be interesting and fun to make the both site playable i mean be able to play alien that invade or xenonauts that defend. This opportunity will make the invasion more logic and realistic. I mean the alien cant start with a limiter mother ship that need to do some builbing actions to be able to construct a big invasion gateway. It will explain why the invasion is in many steps. The gateway will be feeded every year (we can explain the gateway need an alignment with the sun for the stability of the link) with new equipment ship and or troups depending of the size of it. This yearly massive feed is too short for a good invasion it also explain why alien need to create ground bases and make some political alliances. the first step is for the alien to scan the planet to find the ressources with small ship to harvest to get the ressources to construct a bigger invasion gateway. When the scan is done missions to start harvesting will start. Some recherche can also start to study the population (so alien need to collect some specimens) of the invaded planet to request more efficient invasion equipment and ship and aliens etc... The alien waves can be explained due to the increase of the invasion gateway size. Of course creating ground bases can be more efficient to securise deeper important harvesting zone for the invader. etc... We can also think of political missions from alien to government (after study the population to known at least the language) to attempt to get peacefully the needed resources (Black ops spy missions) (and counter political missions perform by xenonauts to keep the nation in xenonauts influence). It's just an idea this dual side play can also allow multi player if needed one or many playing alien and others playing xenonauts or why not, nation that try to face the menace alone or in cooperation with xenonauts.
  3. Solved the issue in loading before starting ground mission. The new mission was not buggy. I keep my save on the buggy ground if you want to have a look.
  4. I can provide you my save if needed. On a middle land ship ground combat minor damage, after the first end turn, the ennemy turn never end. I have wait 30 minute twice after a reload also but no improvement.
  5. I have also one other comment the invasion is too fast to let the player get pleasure of using the benefit of his technology. i have tryed in easy and normal. normal is too fast but the income is not too bad, but in easy, the income is too low to be able to develop the defence.
  6. I think this point should be explained ingame for players. It's an important gameplay aspect.
  7. I notice all fighters don't crash on ground, they are hard to destroy and give nothing, it's pity.
  8. <p><p>Le futur de l'Humanité passe par la conquète de l'Espace.</p></p>

  9. Thank you for your precise answers, this game is already great. i have find a way to see unit in using remove roof icon. One thing is missing in air combat. a breack up air combat and go back to base button. (P.S: sorry for my bad english it's not my native language)
  10. My first impression: Until now no crash (Good job) I have big Fun in playing (Thank you) Excellent gameplay (UFO ennemy unknown pleasure without the bugs) Ground combat: I still don't know how to rotate the map. ( Verry annoying ) Some picture are missing on the ovnipedia (Normal in dev) No introduction movies (It's missing to be deeper into the ambiance) No ennemy final kill movies animations (like in the new XCOM 2012, i love, it up the game a lot) i like the custom unite equipment shortcut.
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