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  1. Hello all, I don't often write on the boards, but I stop by every now and again to check up on progress. I played the original Xcom when it first came out, as i suspect many others have. I played the other versions and incarnates as they showed up over the years. The Firaxis Games versions being the least enjoyable. The OP asked if it was just xenonauts 1 with a new paint job and I feel that so far Goldhawk has done as much as they can to put forth new challenges and implement new capabilities. There are things like the base structure and operations that are reminiscent of xcom 1, xenonauts 1 and so I voted for this style of base building over the a single ant hill style.. like what Firaxis implemented. To me, letting a base assault mission though every now and again to test my troops and defensive capabilities is fun. The first time the orbital Bombardement went off I was impressed and I was started of thinking of ways that Goldhawk was going to have me deal with this new challenge. The new panic geoscape system is another new and exciting aspect of game play. The armor and weapon upgrades so far are i feel like great additions and step fowards in the realm. I don't like to play too much of Beta's and Alphas other than to see how the path is looking at the moment. Right now I'm impressed and glad I was able to help back this game. For me X2 isn't just a X1 with a new paint job it has more meat where it needs it with the same great flavor I've come to know and love.
  2. Jossis

    STR vs. carrying capacity

    You know you can build your soldiers str up little by little .. all you have to do is go over the cap to where you're taking about a 2-3 tu penalty. At the beginning the aliens suck just as bad as your soldiers and 2 -3 tu penalty doesnt matter. Usually a clip or a grenade works when you have several of them laying around in your backpack you swap it out for a can of the heavy weapon eventually before you get power armor your soldiers str should be at 100.
  3. C4 seems pretty weak barely put a hole in a chain linked fence didn't touch any other walls so far. The condors are a lot better now thanks! But if you get the warning to have them head back and agree during an air combat mission they're considered grounded or shot down even though you sent them back when the warning popped.
  4. I've never seen what a three leg dog chasing a rabbit looks like, but I do now after trying to down scouts and other small alien craft with condors. Can we get different options or what not. Like Tomcats or something like that. Another question I have ..Why or how can my condors or any other craft fly half way around the world yet can't go more than 30secs in a dog fight and burn 20% fuel? I understand manuevering will increase fuel, but how much it burns in close combat without maneuvering is a little odd. Can we get an in flight refueling for conventional aircraft? Besides those things I think this is a really nice build and I can't wait to see how some of the other stuff turns out.
  5. <p><p>Yo</p></p>

  6. There is a work around if you use any of the available open spaces and name it "Rifleman". You can change the role of the new recruit. It doesn't seem dependent on which spot has the title "Rifleman" just so there is one to reference and then capable of bringing up the "Change Role" screen.
  7. I normally change out the load roles that come with the game. If you change the first Role any soldiers you recruit after that point won't be able to change their role. It makes the game a little more tedious using default load outs for roles is really nice, yet completely unusable if the first "Rifleman" role is ever changed.
  8. I've recently noticed that when you swap items or weapons from your backpack to main or off hand that the game won't allow it. It simply won't "stick" it will work SOMETIMES if you put it to the ground and a middleman in the process. Not sure if this is how this process is suppose to work or not. Sorry for the Thread Name its V20E2
  9. Thank you Ishantil. I upload 2 different files the first will be from about the time period I first wrote this post yet I don't see it accessible on my in game load file. The second is the newest save game file. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bws44SP2C0O9WTdlbGFTY2F2cVE/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bws44SP2C0O9TlhWbDkwUW10Qnc/edit?usp=sharing If there is any problems let me know. Hopefully this is what you were looking for.
  10. Sure I can, you might have to walk me though the process. Sorry I didn't see your post sooner Aaron.
  11. Jossis

    Large Alien Bases

    Worked like a charm although it bugged out the Prats ability to dread my whole crew. Not sure why its doing this.
  12. It does it on Base Missions also not just battleships. I see it cycles though the random names but it doesn't deduct the TU's. When it does it speeds though pretty quickly. Just seems like the Prats need a little more work is all. Also you can resupply your team in the air. I justify it as "Hey they'd have extra stuff on the plane"