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  1. Ground combat of UFO crash site (not downed by me), took ist slow, covering all angles.
    Worked well, killed 3 aliens (Psyons) without problems, the reply fire was normal.

    Then as if a button was clicked, every shot of the aliens one-hitted a soldier, lost 5 Soldiers in one turn by 3 aliens.
    Soldiers were always behind cover.
    After that, nearly no soldier could hit normally anymore. Morale was still unchanged, I checked. Lost two more.
    Once inside the UFO the last alien suppressed by my heavy the shotgunner walked in and missed two times point blank *sigh*. Sniper at 45° angle with 100% hit chance on alien killed my shotgunner who stood next to the alien, not in front not behind...

    This problem reminds me heavily on Xenonauts1 where this happend as well.
    Game breaking for me!


    From same misson, after the "event" above and after deaths that lowered morale.
    What hinders shooting/aiming?
    Clear line of sight, shoot path all green, can`t shoot unless forced by pressing STRG (or ALT, can`t remember). Yeah and misses for sure. *sigh*

    Edit: Ok, I must admit the last steps of path are red. But forced shooting shot at least hit the target a bit. With heavy and rifle that works mostly, not great but at least they do a bit of damage.

    Had this with shotgunner, see below, and also with heavy and riflemen.



    Other mission
    I can`t shoot because 100 block chance, why can the enemy hit me without moving?
    See here:

    image.png.c0def393cd966e4931d4c2f3f6531610.png image.png.a1ec3a68db28307173a8199b9cef1280.png


    Edit due to errors and a bit of insight.



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  2. Loading time was very long, they are always but this was double/tripple of it. Screen turned white by Windows.

    Once finished free rotation with Q+E doesn't work, no height change by mouse wheel.
    Changing rotation to any degree steps allows rotation again with Q+E but not free rotation.

    No soldier could move, no paths shown.

    Reload game solved that, although long loading time was the same.

  3. Is there a bug?

    When an enemy is spotted by a soldier the Alien-Head-Icon appears.
    When red = direct line of sight, when orange = another soldier sees an enemy.

    I often have it that some soldier see enemies some don`t. Those who don`t haven`t the Icon.
    However sometimes it appears again when it should be impossible to see the enemy.

    This soldier moved inside the building, no Icon. Once he enterd the room the icon appeared although ther can`t be a line of sight.
    Maybe he should have had the Icon before becaus some other soldier could see the enemy (not on screen though)?



    Some other effect, maybe related but much more annoying:
    On my first Cleaner Base mission (to retrieve USB-Sticks, yes desastrous outcome) the Icons always disappeared after the hidden movement. Then whenever one soldiers sees enemies the screen moves to these aliens. But when my next soldiers is selected the Icons are gone and appear anew once he moves one step and the screen moves again to these aliens. This happens again with the next soldier and the next and the next and the next ...this is quite annoying when there are many enemies.


  4. On the armory screen once when the quipment of a class was updated:
    When selecting another soldier of same class, equip and update buttons are grey, this soldier doesn`t have the new loadout yet. This happens roughly every 3-4th time when selecting soldiers to equip their updated loadout.

    This applies to unassigned and "skyhawked" soldiers.

    And yes, I have enough equipment for all. Only the first new armour, no new weapons yet.

    Workaround: Unequiping one item turns buttos black again.

  5. Yes I thought about equalizing too.

    You know back in the day when copying a CD onto a cassette, you could equalize manually on a moderate decent HIFI-System.
    And then when ripping CDs to mp3 - I still do buy CDs today because I like having hardware and a real booklet für music albums - you can equalize all the audiofiles to a certain level.

    I don`t know how it works with game sound files, but I guess if you put all files int a "playlist" and use such a program to equalize it would help immensely. Don`t think you have to be too perfect though. A quick research got me this.

    But I am no coder and you do your thing, no obligations :)


  6. Is it possible to have ingame sounds played when adjusting the sound levels in audio settings?
    This way you can manage to adjust with examples, you can play it faster even.

    I don't know what is considered to be ambient and what sound effects..

    Though I thought having found the right settings for me, once the grenade launcher fired and unintendedly vaporized a wall I almost fell out of my chair due to the loud blast. Even the falling debris sounded louder than gun fire.
    Maybe the individual sound levels of the sound effects are not equalized enough?



    Oh and by the way, please do not set the standard game volume to 100% by default.
    Game is extreme loud before you can even go to settings and throttle it down.

    This is a common nuisance by many many games.


    Thanks in advance.

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  7. Played first time again after 6.3.

    I know the game is not finished, but a great quality of life improvement would be to have a kind of comparison tool for weapons, armour and so on.

    I could only see the stats of standard rifle and laser rifle when they were in the building list. It would be great to have a kind of stat table or so in the UFOpedia or so. And toss in some recommendation to the weapon too, i.e. what type of damage is best for which enemy/purpose. maybe flesh these info out when you encounter enemies with the weapon.

  8. Ok, this doesn't work at all yet, right?
    And it looks like before, but with bugs.

    The three jets did not fire one missle and did not use the gun. Yes, all missles and the gun were green. All jets had the UFO as target.
    The jets just approached, the green cone disappeared, the sound of the launching missles came and then nothing.
    Missles were still shown in the jet display.

    No green cone for the gun, no sound. Ammo amount did notr change too.
    Jets flew through the UFO. They took damage in the combat from UFO, I lost one, had to flee.

    The numbers of the jets don't match the numbers the jets have in the combat map. This is extremely disturbing.


  9. No grenade can be tossed over anything, there is always "100% block". I did not throw it, though.
    Grenades can be tossed in free space.

    Aliens can toss grenades into buildings.


    Btw: That everybody can jump through windows without breaking them is quite stupid. I mean the tiled industry-style windows.

  10. After a long long time, I wanted to play again and sadly found bugs rather instantly.
    My last post was for V6.3 and I didn`t follow the game so if these are known...

    Game hangs at 50% when loading a manual save with the "continue" option at the main menu.

    Had to ALT+F4 the game, restart and manually select the manual save game worked then.


  11. Ground mission with my first downed UFO, Sebillians.
    During fight at the UFO, me outside they inside, there is one un-armored Sebillian among lots other that is moving around to get into a better position. Wenever it does it drops halfway into the ground so you can see only its head and upper torso. At the end of the move its back on ground again. The other Sebillians don't seem to have this problem.


  12. Backed as Captain.

    +1700 backers now...numbers are rising while watching..."that escalated quickly"

    I would like to vote, but will never use G+ or anything like it. You got my list before you closed that one thread.

    I wish you a great success with that campaign!!!

  13. 7 hours ago, Dagar said:

    ...where you either spend some time waiting...where it thematically fits...add a scrolling (base internal) news feed the backers can participate in filling...

    This. I could write dozens of such silly news feeds, internal black board messages, lavatory scribblings or locker notes. Even to tell a sort of succession of events...damn my mind starts already.

  14. A variant to Dagars proposal:

    • The backer is allowed to name a vehicle, a squadron or something else after him/her or chosen expression. Maybe a callsign like, CH-48 "Thixotrop" or X-37 "Dagar".
    • Backers name to one of the staff characters that occasionally appear in the communications between the commander, the science guy and whoelse, like:
      "...oh and by the way, as I mentioned the new Plasma Rifle test, engineer Thixotrop has messed up again as he tried to use those Alenium charges on rechargng his mp3-player. As soon as he moans about not having a bed anymore, remind him that he may not have a job anymore very soon too. We still have to try to get all the greenish glowing metal pieces out of the concrete walls of the canteen that is on the OTHER SIDE OF THAT WALL."


    Don't know if this works for more than a couple of people though. Maybe have to switch some tiers here.

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  15. One mission with fullscreen: 1920 x 1200 Quality: Fantastic

    It seems the time issue of multi-shots has been solved.
    Blood is shown correctly now again, no white blood or aliens and humans anymore.
    Faces of the soldiers are not in 8-bit style anymore.

    In general:
    Still an issue:
    - Camera pans to black areas in hidden/friendly movement, this is quite annoying because the camera doesn't move back to the soldiers.
    - Also the camera doesn't move back when one of my soldiers is hit by an alien out of the black. This is not good, as it is impossible to assess where the shots came from.
    - It would be more convenient if the camera would pan back to last used soldier after hidden movement, i.e. at the beginnung of the new turn.
    - The pan of the camera is too slow when following a bullet to its target.
    - Now it is possible to pan during hidden/friendly movement, is that intended?

    Left: Soldiers and Aliens can shoot through walls and roofs.
    Middle and right: The wall changes with damage state.

    518125491_stillthruwall1.jpg.72b2cb4dc26c36d1ef05d0b637618f53.jpg  442300293_stillthruwall2.jpg.b6ff865726c59a1b35648d47f29b7587.jpg1768258310_wallchange.jpg.bee3080500ad698eacdff3062c0f3b92.jpg

    For me, this becomes more and more annoying.
    The shooing through the wall is just bad. "Leaning to the side" without showing it (as this was discussed some time ago) is no easy way out. Show that or it is not possible.
    If the wall is damaged more, the bricks may fall off completely, at least this is what I think is intended to be shown here. But the holes in the wall cannot vanish then. It just looks logically dumb.



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