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  1. The other 2 armors i am aware of are the colosus and sentenel, the only problem with the colosus is that its only good till you get the sentenel (which has better mobility, sight range, equal strength with only a slight reduction in protection (in my experience)

  2. If i have got the gist of this suggestion, then this only effects people who real know about this tech and it has no realbearing on the game being good as a whole..... i think i speak for most of the fanbase when i say i would rather have the devs focusing on improving the general game play and getting the game finnished than fussing over how to describe theoretical technology that can only realy be theorised on as it dosnt exist in this form in the real world

  3. "Sizable stockpile?" erm, all alien weapons should be auto-sold. The only thing in your warehouse should be alien plasma clips, which are kept because they are later converted into alenium. That's a bug if you're keeping alien weapons as well! As cool as it might be, Chris has said multiple times that alien weapons are only intended for "last gasp" use, i.e. when a squaddie runs out of ammo and needs something he can pick up from an alien corpse.

    I have arround 30 alien guns that ive just noticed (mostly assault rifles) becaus my standard issue laser weapon ammo dosent last massively long

  4. I have just realised i have a sizeable stockpile of alien weaponry in my warehouse from my men picking them up in combat, and i have no way of using them.... i think it would be nice if there was a section that alowed you to equip you men with the captured weaponry (obviously you would be limeted by the amount of ammo you have captured but it would still be nice)

    Also instead of just selling alien weapons automaticaly it would be cool if they just went into your warehouse for you to sell or use later

  5. While im realy engoying the game, the wave like invasion is killing the imersion a bit.... what i mean by this is that when a new kind of ship apears the brevious ship disapears.... it would be better in my opinion if things like courvettes and cruisers were present for the rest of the invasion from the 1st sighting rather than just disapearing.. also if the aliens have thousands of heavy and regular fighters i find it unlikely that they would completely replace them with interceptors

  6. It may justbe down to coincidence but it seems to me that the suposedly better predator power armor offers no more protection than wolfarmor, i was doing a terror mission and testing the predator suit and the soldier wearing it (she was a colonel) died from 2 plasma rifle shots (whick im my experience even troops in wolf armor have been able to withstand.... this coupled to with the armors limitations makes it completely redundant when you get the sentenel armor (i use power armor for my elite 'spartan team' and wilf and buzzard for my regulars) it seems that the predator armor needs to be made stronger (i know that it could have been pure luck that she was killed but even if the weak points were hit i would expect it to survive a couple of long range plasma shots with full health)

  7. I was playing a terror mission in newyork and there was an unusualy high number of friendly npcs (around 8 civilians and 3 soldiers) and a single reaper managed to infect 8 of them causing complete havoc, andvi thought it would be interesting if every few terror missions there was one with a large number of civilians and the only enemy was reapers.... they are probbly the most dangerous oponent in the game but you never see them in large enough numbers to be a real threat

  8. Level 4 is advanced ballistics. Also, you'd be very surprised how well you can do with Level 1 ballistics if you soldiers are experience, I was.

    I can produce plasma weapons but all of my ground troops (apart from a couple of heavy weapons) are still using balistic weapons, i think people missively under rate them in the game

  9. Not likely to happen. Ballistic weapons are meant to be replaced and the time it would take to add them would be better spent on other features.

    Mods though will probably add them.

    im able to build plasma weaponry but im still using balistics wrapons (with exeption of my interceptors and a spatering of heavy weapons) their light, available in unlimeted quantities, the do less damage but you can fire more bullets... and there hasnt been anything i habent been able to kill (even heavy drones) im using advanced explosices and grenades etc but i think balistics weapons are under rated (plus i have more importan things to spend my money on)

  10. It seems strange to me that in the game you go straight from human balistics weapons to laser based weapons, i would make more sense im my mind to have a step inbetween were you get human-alien hybrid balistics weapons, things suck as replacing the barels with alien material to alow you to use more refined explosive powder to push harder more penetrating projectiles out of the barrel... if this was done, im my mins, you wouldnt even need to make new moldls, you can just up the stats of the weaponry

  11. As fetching as the blue standard uniforms are, one thing that would atleast make the game more enjoyable for me would be some way of cganging tgecolours of you soldiers uniform (simple re textured uniforms- things lije olive green, black and if possible- differen coloured body armor)

    I kow this isnt exactly something critical for the game to work but it would. be nice to have in a future DLC or something in that area

  12. Dont forget the ever present squadsight. It takes only 1 alien to spot your soldiers and all the rest can target you if able. This confuses people a lot about sight ranges and being extremely "suppressed" in an unfair manner. No one kseems to have any problem at all when its them who are doing it to the aliens :P

    i am aware of that, but i mean cant see any oponents atall, and im still recieving fire, and i have yet to be able to do this to them (i got a kill by randomly firing at were i assumed they were but that was more luck than anything else

  13. I dont see why humans have such short eyesight (even in daylight) ive spent many missions geting gunned down as i exit my dropship by enemies concealed by the fog of war. im sure there is a reason for this but it seem unrealistic and gives aliens an advantage they shouldnt have over humans, expecialy when they out number, out range and out gun you... (reptiles for example generaly have poor eyesight but in this the xeno equivalint can see further than a veteran sniper....)

  14. Whenever i complete a mission either by killing all xenos or holding a UFO the game freezes (either looking at the last thing i looked at, or on the hidden movement screen if i have held a ufo for 5 turns) strangely if i exit and re start from the auto save the missionwill play through and end normaly, this isnt a huge deal but having to play 3 in every 4 missions twice. gets boring and irritating...

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