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    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    HI Chris Can you post the updates on the Kickstarter page as well.
  2. Hi team i get this error message when i start the game via steam error reading zip central directory this is a brand new installation of the game and CE, i have not enabled any mods nor attempted to change any files. I have deleted and reinstalled twice to check the integrity of the files and it says OK.
  3. I stretched out my first gameplay so i cannot tell you how long it will take for the other player. XCOM:EU is a fine game but not the hardcore tactical XCOM experience i wanted. There are many things which is good about the game, the graphics is not bad, the cover mechanic is fine and the tension of the game is well maintained. But as i played the game and finished i kept thinking how much more awesome this would be if it was not targeted towards the Console crowd. How an expanded Science and Engineering tree with specializations would add so much more. How a larger map and tactical interface could be so much more interesting etc etc as it is, it is Alien fight with XCOM name , a lightweight and fun Consolized version of XCOM. Which is fine in itself. And recommendable but it is NOT the XCOM experience i wanted.
  4. grey

    What's yet to come?

    while i like the new mass effect graphics on the Firaxis game , they gone ahead and " streamlined" things. Removing AP etc . How many TB type games have you seen that has been improved by streamlining? The Afterlight series was ok but not the cult classic of XCOM . Even titles with solid backing ie Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age became worst as the devs streamlined the game .
  5. grey

    Why Firaxis is a very serious threat

    firaxis has already watered down the TB elements , the management elements and will likely continue to consolized the game to suit the console button bashers. No ap manament, unlimited ammo etc. I have yet to see a game improved by being consolized.