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  1. Hansmorg

    Base Simplification Ideas

    But will there be an increase in the maintenance costs or will it stay the same?
  2. Hansmorg

    Base Simplification Ideas

    Will the overall founding from the supporting nations be lowered, as we will no longer have to pay millions of dollars to keep our engineers/scientists around? Or will the amount of founding remain unchanged, so we can use it to establish new bases? It honestly makes a lot more sense to have "free" workers in your base as you do have the entire world backing you up, so lore-wise this is good. Do you think making these specialized bases will make us more vulnerable to base attacks in the non-military bases though? And lastly, will we be able to build structures on the Geoscope? like radars, anti-air arrays, storerooms, etc? (In the future)
  3. Hansmorg

    Xenonauts engine

    Sheesh, I hope you have better luck with your next engine.
  4. The dummies work well in Frozen Synapse from what I can tell, and they're not hand holding in any way. The problem with dummies (in the frozen synapse sense) is that it would change game-play completely. Frozen Synapse makes you create theories based on what you think the enemy will do, and it allows you to test said theories which makes you second guess, a lot (what if "he" does this instead of that? Oh no...). Frozen Synapse plays on your doubt in a different sense than how X-com/Xenonauts does. The thing is, that is not X-com, that is Frozen Synapse, it works in Frozen Synapse but it would not work that well in a X-com based game like Xenonauts.
  5. Hansmorg

    [V17.6] - multiple bugs

    http://rapidshare.com/files/1669029283/2013-02-17_22.11.48.rar Version 17.6. Stand alone. Should load up the in the Geoscape I believe, but causes the game to crash .
  6. Hansmorg

    Xenonauts engine

    It would explode into rainbows and ponies! No one can refuse us with that.
  7. Hansmorg

    [V17.6] - multiple bugs

    I have the issue with my most recent save-file crashing, however I have an auto save that has saved the day for me. I also have issues with upper floors. Sometimes they are invisible (can still walk there) and during night missions the lower floor turns completely black if there are no nearby xenonauts, making it a bit of a pain to get my xenonaut back to ground level.
  8. I quite like the idea about a toggle-able line of sight, as that would be really helpful. The dummy idea I'm against, simply because I like the tension not knowing gives you. If I could test whether I'd get shot at here/there or not, that would take away a lot from the game for me. However the idea of a dummy sounds cool, you set up a dummy soldier and watch it from afar hoping that those pesky reapers will get attracted to it.
  9. Hansmorg

    workshop & economics

    I can think of a simple solution, no more unlimited ballistics. That would mean that your workshop would need to produce ammo and guns the first couple of weeks, until you start with the pew pew weapons. The issue with that though is that it makes little sense lore-wise as you are supported by the entire world, and one would imagine they could spare you a handful of guns and ammunition, to fight off the alien menace. It's just an idea though, you did need to buy ammo for the starting weapon(s) in the original x-com after all.
  10. Hansmorg

    Xenonauts engine

    It's a much better idea to just send a polite e-mail asking if they would be kind enough to share the source code, rather than "e-mail bombing" them, as that would likely discourage them from sharing said source code. If everyone sent one polite e-mail asking then perhaps they would go: Ok, so all these people are asking us nicely to share our source code with Goldenhawk Interactive, I guess we might as well then. That of course is a best case scenario.
  11. Hansmorg

    19 Feb Development Update

    I really look forward to this! Especially the ability to play the game without an internet connection .
  12. I'm using the standalone version, haven't run into that even once. Chris mentioned something about a hotfix for the desura version(it has some bugs the standalone version does not have, because of the archiving).