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  1. Bug maybe?: tactical battle sheild freshly manufactured has 0/135 hitpoints (same as the other ones unlocked with alien alloys.)
  2. Orangehat44

    V22 Experimental 4 Released!

    the buzzard suite has 2 handle/control sticks that your soldier holds on to ( I assume thats how he controls his flight) so no equipment can be used when hes flying cause hes using his hands to fly.
  3. Orangehat44

    V22 Experimental Build 3 Released!

    Got a CTD during extesnive xenonauts reaction fire. about 2 or 3 rifle men reaction fired then the LMG guy reaction fired and the game crashed. so not sure if it was a crash due to alot of reaction fires on my side or just the LMG reaction fire in general. havent repeated it yet.
  4. Orangehat44

    V21 Experimental Build 5 Released!

    just saw first light scout... I dig the new interior props and art actual pilot command seat lookin thing is really cool game feels good so far but just in first mission still. Edit: I just finished the mission lol nice condensed debrief screen! But interestingly I engaged a landed ufo and after winning the mission the geoscape said UFO-2 (the one that was landed and I attacked and one) has escaped to space...
  5. Im not gonna try to be a smart ass, but I wouldnt be so scathing especially since we are seeing regular balance updates. I do agree with your point on research flavor text not matching the feel of the alien in ground combat. I hope balancing can give the aliens more unique flavors. Right now I'm only concerned with the gun they got and use the same tactic in 99% situations. More flavor to the aliens to inspire different strategies depending on what alien type you face would be nice. But especially the sebillian is an immersion breaker when xenopidia says they have bad sight and favor close combat, and they out snipe your guys from long range.
  6. is there going to be more balance to interception.... still no reason to play the interception game as it does a better job than me most of the time also other immersion breaking things happen: - like if you send 2 foxtrots after one light scout you can auto resolve and both planes have 100% ammo after. - if you catch a ufo even with a few seconds of combat fuel left you can autoresolve... win and still make it back to base, where if you actually played out that fight in the interception game you would have to turn back right after the game starts before your even in range of the ufo or lose the plane. If anything you should have to prove to the game that you can beat that ufo with that matchup or better in the game before it lets you auto resolve. Maybe first time you intercept a ufo type you dont get the auto resolve button and have to fight it out... then any time u use that combination of planes or better on the same type you can auto resolve with 100% or something similar.
  7. Orangehat44

    V21 Experimental 2 Available!

    How does one orientate their units if right click nolonger turns them?
  8. Well the aliens do have squadsight like we do so just like if your one guy spots a alien everyone of your guys can shoot if they have a clear shot even if its outside their viewing range the aliens can do the same thing. And if its the alien types that have farther sight ranges then humans they could have your guys spotted by aliens that ur guys cant see, but obviously thats harder to prove out. But like ive said i've gotten thru december without noticing these outta nowhere shots. I've had other weird things like not a single terror attack ground combat. I've had air terror missions but no ground ones.
  9. when your guy gets shot out of the dark can another alien see him... and can you recalll if they were cesearians or sebs
  10. Im up to end of december and have had very few insta kill shots outta nowhere. Im enjoying the game quite a bit. Think auto resolve for air combat is abit to op, as it can do waaaay better than I can so theres no reason not to use it other than i enjoy the interception game(i like how its kinda like steambirds, a fun mobile device game). We definatly need more balance and random bug quashes but ive had very little problems thru my campaign up till now on veteran... almost thought too easy at times once i had lasers and wolf armor on my a team but even before that it wasnt too much of a challenge to not loose more than 1-2 guys or less per mission even early on. Look forward to the reaction fire system we had demoed last patch/build somewhere but right now its been very playable and fun.
  11. I like that idea uncovering just the tile or tiles immediatly around a shooter if it shoots at your guys. It could be initiative based if you want a chance for your guys not to detect the shot. Could even ad a shot penalty to returning fire to make it more like a "soldier saw where the plasma came from and they suppressing fire in that direction". But I would first like to see if the shots coming from out of soldier LOS because the aliens can see farther (i thought we changed that range back to being the same as soldiers) so if they are shooting farther than they can see its alien squad sight, but we should decide if squad sight is okay since we xenauts can use squad sight. Again maybe squad sight shots for both sides could have an accuarcy penalty.
  12. Orangehat44

    V20 Stable Candidate 2 available!

    if you refer to the inventory screen in ground combat i was on a farm set.
  13. Orangehat44

    V20 Stable Candidate 2 available!

    Hey dont know if anyone saw this played most of my first mission before inventory crash to desktop but i was getting alot of camera lockups. wasd keys and mouse pan would stop working for a bit every turn it seemed. Couldnt find a pattern behind it and it would prob go for 5-10 seconds but only way to change view when it happens is selecting different troopers.
  14. Orangehat44

    V20 Stable Candidate 1 available!

    2 for 3 crashes when mission debrief screen tries to come up after killing last alien in first combat mission. Had problems with soldier management all fresh recruits were showing up wounded for 17 days and anyone that survived the first mission shows up with 98% health no matter how long they sit in base.
  15. Orangehat44

    V19 Experimental Build 3 available!

    I didnt realize I had ever addressed you... thank you peanut gallery.
  16. Orangehat44

    V19 Experimental Build 3 available!

    Wow Chris, what can I say.... you should have just fully ignored my comment if that's all you were going to address.... and again thats exactly why you need a pr guy. Time and time again you reply on these forums in the middle of a debate which you obviously are emotionally attached to and make a comment that is degrading to some or all of your community. And to simply blow off most of what I said is quite insulting to a customer I'll tell ya that. And for any Xcom fan to read your last 'pro' for this system about if a player looses a plane in an auto resolve they thought they should have won? TOO BAD thats the risk you play when you click that button. Ever played a total war game? you can auto resolve a battle where you out number 2-1 and loose... reload play it out with out auto resolve and have a crushing victory.
  17. Orangehat44

    V19 Experimental Build 3 available!

    It's comments like these that make you really need a pr guy.... You have basically just said your giving up on it so changing from "true to false" isnt the only needed mod if we still need to balance it after just turning it on. Also its alittle condescending to assume we all know how to mod your game. I'm a mechanical engineer, I can write code in matlab for work... that, using CAD, and playing games are my computer knowledge, and have 0 interest in digging thru the text files of your game. I agree with alot of what Mytheos has said. Why are we making huge fundemental changes when the last addition to air combat was giving the light scouts the ability to evade, and less missiles for foxtrots... hardly a balancing pass. Little has been done with balancing the economy... Nations all give the same funding.... All these things contribute to why it feels so painful financially when you loose a plane... but none of these things are close to balanced yet. I don't recall any attempts at tweaking how much damage planes take or what downs them. Different difficulty levels could make planes much more resilient in easy/normal, but more fragile higher. Might want to change the wording on your game overview then.... http://www.xenonauts.com/air-combat/ Really talks it up the complexity and challenge as a game feature...
  18. Orangehat44

    V19 Experimental Build 2 available!

    light scouts arnt a joke but there was a bug where one of my missle hardpoints showed up as a stretched gun imagage and didnt work in battle so only shot 1 missle each and had to finish with gun oddly enough first time i checked my hanagar the f17 had a sidewinder showing up in the cannon slot. I switched this to a cannon and then had this bug where i could only launch one missle per plane.
  19. Orangehat44

    Experimental Build V19 Hotfix1!

    Followed by I think those should mean they are planning on iterating on it, just be patient.
  20. Orangehat44

    Experimental Build V19 Hotfix1!

    It is a bug that it does not show what your able to see and I believe the devs mentioned that it was buggy and just put in as a very experimental feature with not everything ironed out. When its working correctly it should behave like the old hidden movement screen, popping up the box when things are happening in the enemy turn in fog of war, then turning off when aliens or civves move in your field of vision.
  21. Orangehat44

    Experimental Build V19 Hotfix1!

    Dude chill out this is an experimental build to try new stuff. They update it frequently with changes and fixes this build is to be a living growing thing. It is not a stable version as prefaced by the disclaimer to join it. Play the stable build for a stable build.
  22. just as it sounds seems a very high chance to just shoot the crap out of the dirt at the guys feet. ive had a shot gun guy next to an alien on aim have only a 54% chance he shoots and the ground under the alien gets bullet shots.
  23. HOW FREAKING SWEET use the mod page on the launcher and it can pick up your .rar file and install it as a mod no need to extract anywhere edit: maybe not didnt seem to work. does putting the files in the game folder in steam work. steam usually 'fixes' modded files doesnt it if its online.