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  1. Thank you Max_Caine. Wonderful work!!
  2. Keep up the good work man! Just discovered your mod! Installing it now Thank you so much.
  3. Classic X-COM style of course... Xenonauts must maintain what made great the original and hardcore UFO Defense
  4. Übermensch

    Half-Life 3 Announcement!

  5. Übermensch

    Spanish translation - SourCinnamon

    An Spanish Translation will be great, If theres anything I can do to help with the project just let me know cheers
  6. Übermensch

    Build V18.51 Hotfix 3 Released!

    This is great, thanks guys! Downloading at full speed!!
  7. Übermensch

    Build V18.3 Released!

    Thank you Max Caine, hopefully soon!
  8. Übermensch

    Build V18.3 Released!

    Hi, When this will be available for Standard Preorder to download? (standalone) Thank you!!
  9. Problem fixed for me re-downloading the files all over again, thanks! time to play the game!
  10. This is happening to me also in some of the new maps.. Desura version EDIT: this issue is present on every single tileset, new and old.. Also theres a few missions when I finish in my first turn because theres no aliens in the tileset I am dowloading the standalone right now, thanks
  11. Übermensch

    V17.9 Released!

    Downloading!!! YAY
  12. Übermensch

    V17.9 Released!

    Fantastic news! Really looking forward to this release
  13. Übermensch

    7th March Development Update

    Amazing news!! Thank you guys, I am really very excited about this:)
  14. Same problem here btw, Small ufo still doesnt have any textures right? still looking a brown box for me.. Saw also somy invisible civilians and teleport bug