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  1. Playing a bit more but have to run.  Fairly smooth for me on 1280 x 800 resolution, beautiful setting. Higher resolution makes seeing things a bit hard. Haven't tried fantastic setting yet.

     - Shooting sniper rifle while adjacent to enemy seems to always miss and graphic of shot is way out of line. (Ignore - I just reread OP)

     - End Turn button not always showing up (possibly related to 1024x768 resolution).

     - target bulls-eye seems a bit touchy  (Ignore - I just reread OP - sorry)

    Monitor 1920 x 1080
    System (old, I know!) - I5-2400 CPU@3.10GHz;  8GB memory DDR3@ 664MHz; 
    Nvidia GeForce GTS450 (1GB memory)
    Windows 10 Pro

  2. Wow... I'm another who only pops in occasionally now and then.. It's been months now, but ... WOW... a nice surprise..I'd vote yes for X2... ready to pre-order, kickstart, whatever! (now I need to see what else is going on here...ie. Pathfinders..) consider this my belated YES vote. :)

  3. I find it funny that this game is "broken"...some say it's too hard, some say it's too easy, some say it's too long, other's say you can only win one way, others say it can only be won a different way.... why can't the developers keep working on this for the rest of their lives..... I've gotten 50+ hours so far (40+ with the final version) and have had a great time with it. I will likely play again with the CE at some point... No game is perfect, but this game sure is fun to me! :) (Ok, I did find the ending to be a bit of a let down... :) )

    Edit - I really appreciate the talents of the modding community on this game as well...

  4. Well, for most (like me), it's probably not so much a complaint as a statement of facts. All the things you mention are what are important about a game, and Xenonauts having that is the reason I'm here and playing it, but it does look pretty old. Is that a problem? No, not really. However, IMO, a perfect game should have all that in addition to looking good. If you can only have one or the other, you definitely drop the graphics, but having both is preferable.

    Funny....I think it does look really good as is... (and of course for variety, there's the mods). Art style is very subjective of course.

  5. Seems pretty aggressive, tone it down a bit and people will see this as some constrictive criticism instead of just ignoring your points.

    I agree that the "cut content" and "the bugs" section are pretty aggessive and not particularly objectively written. Otherwise overall decent review. (although to call it unbiased is silly, obviously it is based on your personal bias as all reviews are... that is not a bad thing though)..

    EDIT - relates to original review, not the quote...just agreeing with the quote...

  6. A lot of developers/Indie Groups could learn from you on handling the Community side of their projects. You've done a great job in the Forums of keeping us fans (many of whom remain hidden in the shadows) informed and a part of development; which justifies our faith when we pre-order games. You've always keep your cool in the Forums, even against detractors and that helps set the tone for others. I really appreciate the Development Diary, it was a great read. Continued success!

    Edit - I suppose you could update the goldenhawinteractive.com web page... :)

  7. Chris: I've always been a lurker rather than a cornerstone of the community, but as one of the way back early backers: "If you were one of the really early backers: I’m sorry that you had to wait so long."

    Don't be - it's been well worth it. You and your team took the time and our money, but you did the job, and then some. So: thank-you!

    I agree....I got my money's worth well before the game's final release. I am glad it is getting good reviews.... I am also glad my damn soldiers keep dying because I expect this to be easier then that other XCOM (firaxis version). :) I can't wait to hear what's in store for the future! Thanks to all who worked so hard on this project!

  8. I think that is good (the GOG sale keeps most folks buying sale items only). I also agree it would be nice to see a more indepth review on GOG (but I am only early in the final release and feel any review I give on the final release now would be labeled "fanboyish"). Still seems like the talk on GOG is positive for the most part (in the announcement post at least).

  9. Yeah, that's really bad. Not sure how much criticism it would draw but it might be wise to delay the "release" until after the sale.

    too late now I think.... :S. At least it is on "sale" ... discount off the new release price that is... That always helps