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  1. I'm having the same issue trying to replace APC for soldiers. I can't decommision, relocate or change weapons on any of the two Hunters I own in the same base
  2. kbronct2004

    [Gameplay Suggestion] Chinook Range

    Yes, nuking is not an option. That's a pretty good idea!! You could fly a C-17 with your squad to any major city in the map and from them a chinook to the mission. Anyway fuel pods for fighters and/or chinook is something to consider and I think it's a good addition to the game (more flexibility) BTW: The C-17 Globemaster is somewhat anachronic, isn't it?
  3. kbronct2004

    Hiring random

    Sounds good but in any play mode, not just Iron man.
  4. kbronct2004

    [Gameplay Suggestion] Chinook Range

    What about a drop fuel tank? The only restriction is to use it is that you can't carry any APC because of the weight. It could render the Chinook slighty slower but with you get improved range. I wish I had more option to configure my planes/choppers... I would like to change one sidewinder for another drop tank in my fighters if I wish. If it's a bad idea using those options (trade fighting power vs range) it's my problem. The game should be open, configurable to a point but not too much so it gets overwhelming. That's my idea.
  5. Yes, Definitely! BTW, I didn't know your C-17 could be shot down, but I like the idea.
  6. kbronct2004

    Random "Hidden Movement" screens

    If I understand your idea, it's something like original UFO. Isn't it? I think it's better that way
  7. It's a good idea (and real) to be implemented. No soldier is hit and continues fighting as Rambo does. A wounded soldier would have less AP, carry less weight so he would have to throw heavy equipment, less accuracy, panic... I think the extent of the wounds should affect those stats depending of the type of the wound: burning, being shots by laser or hand to hand. I assume there must be a balance between realism and playability. I only ask wounds system doesn't get too simple. I haven't played enough to know what "supression" actually means but first glance, it sounds good.
  8. kbronct2004

    [Gameplay Suggestion] Chinook Range

    I can agree with Irishguy117 and Buzzles. Both options seem fine but I think the easiest and more realistic one is from Buzzles: trade soldiers for fuel