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  1. Fundamentally Teleportation is such a huge advantage that its either monstrously unfair to the player or so badly nerfed that they're better off without it, and a comfortable middle ground is really difficult to achieve in my opinion. Teleporting and then firing is just flat out cheating, but teleporting into your LoS and then sitting there while you wail on them is boring. The only way for it to be fair would be for the AI to use it much more intelligently than an Ai is really capable off, I.E. taking rooftops and second story buildings, teleporting into areas you think you've cleared already, taking full advantage of squadsight, etc. At that point they're hard to differentiate from Harridans however. (Incidentally Harridans are terrifying.)
  2. Rifles are the only weapon that can do everything. They can be extremely dangerous in UFO assaults with burst fire, and they can put accurate fire downrage outside. They are at their core the jack of all trades master of none.
  3. The basic tactic that will carry you through the game is immediately sent your interceptors out in multiple directions, the UFO will follow one of them, and have the other one slide in behind and kill the UFO. This will allow you to achieve much more than autoresolve thinks you can, although sometimes its just easier on one's sanity to autoresolve and save time.
  4. Reading signs is something that happens to other people.
  5. Were you playing it when it was first released or did you pick it up later because someone told you about it?
  6. Well whatever caused my problem I was able to get it working. Its good to play on a map I don't have memorized
  7. Great work! Are you gonna change the xenopedia image too?
  8. Thats a good point, I'll check. EDIT: Wow looks like I still have V.18 in here somewhere. That might be causing problems. No idea why this wasn't happening before installing the map pack though.
  9. I don't think I have any mods on. In fact I deleted the xenonauts local content and redownloaded it to check. It didn't seem like something a map pack should cause to me either but I'm not sure what else it could be.
  10. So this is a new one. After downloading the Map pack and starting up a new game anytime I clicked on the "Other" tab under equipment I got a reproduce able CTD. Did I install it wrong or something? or have other people had this problem?
  11. I'm wondering if he actually managed to finish the game, cause he says nothing about psionics.
  12. I wouldn't reccomend trying it. Scatter lasers will remain useful, hell with predator armor ballistic MGs can be useful until you start making magstorms, but lasers will be obsolete very quickly. If you want to do it you'll have to move very cautiously and remember that you will only be able to engage aliens with 2 or 3-1 odds, one soldier will be incapable of killing aliens by himself unless he's got a heavy weapon.
  13. Well they're unobtanium powered creatures. Reapers and Chryssalids basically are genestealers with faster reproduction, and genestealers go right through terminator armor.
  14. gauddlike put up an excellent description of it somewhere, bu the gist is your soldiers can only turn in 15 degree increments. Decrease their field of vision the way RL night vision gear does and they wouldn't be able to turn to face enemies, every direction they are capable of facing would be turning too far, resulting in a situation where you cannot see enemies that are standing right in front of you like 15 feet away. EDIT: The game engine doesn't do 46 degrees.The game engine was a stupid decision by a programmer who is no longer on the dev team. As a soldier I'm sure your familiar with the idea that we could bitch and moan about how something SHOULD have been designed all day long, but this is the way it was designed and its what we have to work with.
  15. http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/2362-Pre-Generated-Soldier-List That's the list of all the custom soldiers. Personally I always use 221 just for the sake of that novella.
  16. Going back to the night vision point, you can't actually restrict the soldiers vision any further without making it impossible to see certain tiles. Its a hard limitation of the game engine and tile system that can't be overcome.
  17. Terminator armor isn't going to help against reapers which are totally not supercharged genestealers at all right guys.
  18. Its a deliberate balance decision to make it impossible to profit off manufacturing. If you want more cash, you need to make the backers happy.
  19. At the end of every mission when you get the status reports it'll tell you how long they will be wounded for. Then when they get back to bse the medical center will be applied. So for example the after action report will tell you a soldier will be wounded for 33 days, but when you get back to base it'll say 16 if there is an open bed in the med bay.
  20. These are looking great! I think I'm gonna hold off on my next playthrough till you're done.
  21. I thought the game didn't give you the mission if you had only vehicles and no human soldiers?
  22. That would actually be pretty awesome. I'm actually getting an interesting idea for an alternate style of terror mission, maybe 1 out of 3 times or so instead of being an elite team of the aliens best it could be a veritable swarm of low level aliens. Could be interesting, and I can definitely justify it as the aliens spreading out to cover a large part of the city faster. Its a bit subjective as to whether or not that would be fun though, kinda depends on the alien AI and how much ammo you think to bring.
  23. Actually I'd reccomend you just go. This early you'll be dealing with a small alien base, and you should be able to handle it. The boost from taking the base (As opposed to the lost income from the constant funding drain if you don't) will be very helpful in recovering. With laser weapons and a mix of wolf and jackal armor you can take a small alien base no real problem. And Kevin, I didn't mean have all three drop troops, just have two major warships as escorts to make them more difficult to shoot down. Its an idea I'd like to playtest, there are potential flaws, but it could make things interesting. I've no idea how to execute it though, I'm just a player.
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