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    Crash on startup

    can you upload that file somewhere as i dont even have that in my folders dont see the launcher at all, just uses 100% of my HD for as long as the process is active and im not redownloading the entire thing again as you dont use a torrent file
  2. kruxed

    Thoughts of the pirate on Piracy thread

    Its like you just dont read anything i say so its best to leave it lol 3rd time to make it clear, dont condone piracy dont justify piracy other than my own reason(no refunds no demos) "drm doesnt matter in context of thread" its a thread about piracy and you and others have said drm is to fight piracy,explained and showed why that is incorrect 3 main things a publisher will look at 1 metacritic score 2 sales figures 3 piracy rates they have no way of identifying gauddlike sitting at home not buying their games as i also explained they are making the locks better,you guys just dont see them just as you dont see the real reasons that drm was even in the games in the 1st place. i have tried,but not everyone will see it or even listen when its the companies saying it to them. i agree with your morales but you havent read or understood what i have been saying. agree to disagree and all that i guess
  3. kruxed

    Thoughts of the pirate on Piracy thread

    I didnt say anything about drm on music and movies causing piracy, you brought up the 2 saying they both had no drm and that was the link as to why both had such high piracy. i just simply stated that both do actually have drm so you were incorrect. why do you think apple made itunes and sony made blue ray. there has always been a form of drm on music and movies. explore a dvd or blue ray on your computer its most likely a mess of files and would need to be converted and or assembled to use without the disk via a media player not really something i want to get into as its not my interest and my knowledge is limited compared to games but you cant compare the figures or % from music and movies in terms of piracy with games. games are and always will be a niche in terms of world wide figures on population, where as movies and music are sampled by the vast majority which of course in turn leads to higher values of illegal download stats etc. i dont remember saying its a VALID reason, only that it is a reason in itself. drm does matter in this context as stated by me and i can find official sources if you want that drm infact causes piracy rather than stopping it. as you say yourself some games have had such bad service caused by drm. it can be so bad that even actual customers have downloaded a crack version after buying the game to get away from the headache of drm. i know i and others have. its actually a far bigger effect to have your game at the top of the piracy charts than the odd guy just hiding away not buying the game. in terms of business atleast, which is exactly what it is, these are not gamers or game enthusiasts they are corporate stooges and only interested in charts figures scores and profit. i can tell you now that figures of piracy on ubisoft games are the exact reasons why they are ditching their drm and many other companies changing their philosophy on this as people switch to f2p, online only or microtransaction models. not because some hidden guy who wont appear in statistics didnt buy their game. in an ideal world you would be correct, but its not an ideal world and people will always buy blind and/or be naive in their purchases. whats causing and will continue to cause the change, not what you suggest is showing interest in a product without purchasing it, this is the EXACT way to get corporate types to change. i am not saying that everyone should go and pirate however. just stating the truth. for the ferrari analogy, its already happened and has been happening for a while now, it is just how slow to change such publishers are that you may not of noticed or seen it yet. why do you think EA has published its main core of top selling franchises into the f2p market and also launched origin. why do you think ubisoft has released a game with no drm,made their own steam and origin copy and also started to look into f2p. why do you think crytek said they are transitioning into a f2p company and have also started their own platform called gface the list goes on and will continue to grow as i said previously until the point where you never buy a game again,you only purchase content within the game, why? . regain control making modding impossible,make piracy impossible or at least undesirable by restricting base content via microtransactions/paid dlc. all single player games being online. big publishers hate steam, it takes away their control, its why you get publishers like ea boycotting it. control over a product only matter when you are selling the product, exactly but i dont think you see quite yet where its headed and what it means.
  4. kruxed

    Thoughts of the pirate on Piracy thread

    alot of that data is very subjective due to the way the data is tracked and then used. but it is correct to say that good games will be pirated the most just as they are likely to be sold the most,its not exactly rocket science they appeal to more people. The bit about ubisoft though, console port being the appropiate term and reason along with their then introduced hideous DRM which they infact acknowledge put actual customers off their products and turned them to piracy to have a better gaming experience
  5. kruxed

    Thoughts of the pirate on Piracy thread

    TLDR - yes there would still be DRM if there was 0% piracy DRM is an excuse of control on an open platform, its well known that it doesnt prevent piracy or stop artistic infringements. however it is well known that many people hate DRM and causes a loss of sales and is ultimately bad PR. Yet they continue to spend alot of money on it(drm = % per sale based in alot of cases ie big money) why?, control. DRM is far more about restricting sell ons(ie here buy my 2nd hand copy of ???? game) on games. that is of course how it was rather than how it is perceived and its PR uses. just as it is with windows only they tie it to your hardware which is an even bigger screw job which im sure steam will do with the steam box and the obvious subsequent copies. any decently sized or experienced publisher will admit this fact and its something most people who hate DRM dont even think of, 2nd hand games sales would cost the industry far more than piracy would which is the EXACT reason why they started using it in games, not because of piracy. piracy became the tag for it and later use and is a much better PR spin for the general public no we have drm so you cant resell your games and we have control we use drm to stop those filthy pirates who in turn make your own personal cost higher which do you think is better ;-) the below is added as you dont know me,dont know what i know. but maybe you will believe it more coming from someone well known "Publishers aren't stupid. They know that DRM doesn't work against piracy. What they're trying to do is stop people from going to GameStop to buy $50 games for $35, none of which goes into the publishers' pockets. If DRM permits only a few installs, that minimizes the number of times a game can be resold. DRM is a waste of time and money, It takes time to wrap the game in DRM and you have to pay the DRM provider a percentage of your revenue. Not only doesn't it work but, ironically, if your game gets cracked, then the person with the cracked version has a better gaming experience than the person with a legit version who has to enter a registration code to play." so what did this certain person do? have no DRM on their game "People have actually written to tell us how much they appreciate that, Even though they hadn't intended to buy the game, they bought it just to support us. So there's an element of good will involved in not using DRM too. I'm convinced that we lost very few customers because of piracy." world of goo ^ " the best way to prevent piracy is to offer players a game experience that they feel is worth purchasing and in which the purchased game will offer them unique opportunities that cannot be had via a pirated version of the game."(ie the new and improved(ie worse) DRM Ubisoft PR ^ im making these posts as it seems alot of people who know nothing about the games industry,DRM or piracy are posting very narrowminded views assuming they know alot about it. everyone is entitled to opinions of course but i wont ever agree with them as they are just that,opinions rather than experience and knowledge Its the same set of reasons why mod support has been phased out of most big games over the years. publishers wont risk another dota/lol. publishers dont want you playing a total conversion which ends up being better than the base game and they certainly dont want mods which will rival DLC content which is already in the 1.0 shipped version you bought on a release day. luckily there are exceptions to this, however and unfortunately the big wigs are catching onto this as a way to make money rather than just having a good creative player/user base community the next form of DRM is microtransactions, be it in a single player game,multiplayer game or the father of it F2P games, its harder/impossible to pirate,its impossible to mod and they have all the control. there will be a shift from the traditional buy to play model over the next 2-3 years just as there has been a shift from physical to digital copies . we have almost completely switched to not actually owning our games but everyone still loves steam and other such software none the less. DRM is about total control,not simply just piracy and piracy certainly isnt anywhere near the largest part of why we have DRM, its just the public face of why we have DRM. as for the traffic wardens LOL :-), you know they have quotas they have to meet right? they dont just walk around checking for wrongly parked cars and if they get 4 a week everythings fine and dandy because no one is parking in the wrong place. music and movies cant use drm? are you serious? they both have drm the utter shit comment was about giving a reason to piracy and refund argument,people are getting tired of the same old poor games which get churned out yes diablo 3 due to the server issues during the 1st week or 2, blizzard said hey we said no refunds. alot of people including the korean government challenged and made threats, blizzard was FORCED to refund, they certainly didnt do it out of the kindness of their hearts. as for ceasing the service they are not obligated under their terms and conditions to give you a refund or provide you a service which works 100%.yet this is the opposite of some countries laws,hence why they had to give in. they supplied a faulty service. just because a game can be patched does certainly not mean its correct or an excuse to release a broken product. a refund should be a consumers right not a choice. it is with most things,but not the games industry i shall just say this again as it was clearly missed, i dont condone piracy
  6. kruxed

    Thoughts of the pirate on Piracy thread

    it would seem misunderstanding my broken and utter shit comment as expecting a refund from solely a poor game, which is not what i was saying. most games nowadays are released full of bugs ala not working correctly. if you buy something which is not working correctly you get a refund or an option of replacement. as for the theater comment ive had a refund if the show was not completed or as advertised as i have had a book refund when there has been damage and sub par prints. so those examples you gave are wrong. if anything is broken(games wise bugs) you are entitled to a refund within a certain period this is not the case in the games market excluding a few titles. there was a huge issue over diablo 3 in which alot of customers managed to get a refund despite blizzard saying they wouldnt get a refund, this happened after they got threatened with court action and sanctions from korea. this is a rare case as many companies will tell you to get stuffed even if they release a product which clearly broken. as for piracy is not a response to drm, how would you know? i cant stand it when people talk as if they know the opinions of every person on the internet or within a certain group. drm is infact a reason why SOME people will pirate i and many others hate this culture of online single player games to the point where i wont buy them in many cases and alot of people in the gaming communities i am a part of wont for the same reasons. ubisoft are a prime example of how drm costs sales based on the drm itself rather than people wanting something for free. there are many groups with different reasons as to why they do it. its not all because of what arbitrary 1 group label you want to put on it if there is a demo then great but the large % dont have demos, reviews are biased on opinions of others and in some situations flat out inaccurate of the game itself, recent example being the scandal over natural selection 2. as you say i vote with my wallet the problem is the vast majority will just buy without any thought process into it. diablo 3 and dragon age 2 being great examples there i dont condone piracy but it has its place until the vast majority of game developers/publishers wake up. you dont cure the issues by throwing more draconian drm at it though thats for sure and no matter what you do there will always be a % of pirates. but that % is higher than it would otherwise be for many reasons, certainly not for just being able to steal something
  7. kruxed

    Thoughts of the pirate on Piracy thread

    i got a xenoauts torrent then bought the game. its not always as clear cut as a narrow minded view that pirating has to always be a bad outcome for a game or mean the person pirating is only doing so to get something for free. Part of the issue is a no money back guarantee if your product is utter shit and not as listed you cant do anything about it in most cases. yet in just about any other form of product buying if the product is sub par or has faults,not as listed then you will get a refund or be able to replace it.demos have become few and far between because of this exact reason, they know they are churning out crap and would never dream of releasing an actual 100% working product or 1 which is even remotely finished. good god man then they couldnt charge £50 to complete the game as envisaged by the development studio after a years worth of DLC which should of been in the base game.oh and that ofcourse means they can sell a GOTY ontop of that after the well dries up which is in fact the finished product rather than the trash you buy at launch in many cases. the gaming industry is a farce to be fair on so many levels hold on i need to patch my dishwasher 10 times before it works as it should of done before i bought it. the problem is the mindless idiots who pay for all these sub par games rather than pirates stealing said bad games. it continues both circles of rewarding sub par development and giving people added reasons to pirate games. not saying this is the whole case for every game. just in a general sense
  8. kruxed

    Build V17.1 Released!

    argh need the beta, im really trying to hold off for more feature complete experience rather than over playing in alpha. but after the epic fail which was xcom EU i dont have any turn based/grid based strategy games to play
  9. i have no issues with such a thing. though i must say i am not clued up on how that actually works anyway
  10. i dont care that you have no sense of humor :-P
  11. dont agree with this idea at all, you lose a terror mission biig deal, its not the end of the world or the game and it makes sense you should not have complete global operations within your 1st day now if you had said alien base then maybe i would have some sympathy, i had an alien base at the tip of greenland and had to build a base just to be able to reach the damn thing, only i didnt have the money and by the time i had done this all i was at -250k for the month. i just couldnt deal with it due to money issues and had no time left so lost the save. ever since this i instant build 2 bases in such a way that there is very little area for anything that i cant reach. within 2 weeks you have 2 operational bases and almost world coverage. adapt
  12. take a picture of the map and i will show you where they are
  13. all i would like is for your defence turrets to actually be able to fire on the geoscape when you have 3 alien heavy fighters just sitting ontop of your base. not talking about long range, just a very short circle from your base only
  14. kruxed

    Desura, is it any good?

    steam desura origin all 3 have their issues, desura is fine for me as it accommodates something steam does not