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  1. Yes I have, but I cannot stress enough that the more saves provided; the better I can look into the issue. Primarily my time is spent now in setting up different missions to see how the balancing is affected in different situations. Preset missions I can quickly check cut that time down considerably.
  2. Do you have the save of this?
  3. So, apologies for not showing my face in this thread before. As you can imagine, we've been quite busy the past few days. After reading the thread, it looks like the issue was introduced somewhere around 1.0; We made a decision that Command units should stick to the command room, which can lead to odd behavior at times. This coupled with the new preference for upper floors could lead to some passivity. You can "solve" the sticking to command room by adjusting Decision::ChanceForExpansionFromGoalTiles for Command units in aiprops.xml. Together with upping the ProbabilisticSearch & ShotPotential, this should solve a lot of issues. I'm looking at the issue as well Hehe, yeah it is. Once things are settled down and I have some time to burn, I might make an AI mod aimed at above-insane players.
  4. Uploading a save is the best way you can help me, speeding up the process immensely. So if you can, please upload it
  5. I'm actually looking at the problem. Most of the problem can be fixed with the weights in ai props.xml. Did this behavior pop up in the latest builds, because I haven't seen it mentioned that much before it. Also, if you have any saves, please post them.
  6. The psionics were enabled as a global within-range for some abilities. (Dread / Fear I think; MC is still LOS) As for the rest, it's not cheating. However, distance will trigger some aggressiveness. So what might be happening is that either there are some LOS bugs in the UFO, or the distance just triggers the aggressiveness which makes them more likely to pop out. They will not know where your units are located though. Sapare mostly described the correct behavior; if it was cheating then you wouldn't be able to catch it out in the open either..
  7. Gijs-Jan

    Reapers attacks?

    Reapers should opt not to attack when they have enough TU. So the "running up and turning around" behavior is most definitely a bug. You could help me a lot by posting some saves where you see this behavior occuring.
  8. Gijs-Jan

    Reapers attacks?

    That's quit disconcerting. I'll have a look then at their behavior to see what's going wrong.
  9. Gijs-Jan

    Local Forces AI Question

    To change the behavior of the civilian / local forces AI is trivial as there are not restrictions on how it operates as compared to the alien AI. The only change required is to alter the incentive set in aiprops.xml; changing those values will be more than enough. If you guys ever reach a consensus on this I'll look into it myself. :-)
  10. Not a doctorate (not yet anyway) and thanks! But its good that people are critical; especially when we "cut corners"!
  11. This was fixed earlier, and pathfinding does take turning into account. However due to the fact that game has a variable cost (doors, grass, walls, etc) for movement, along with discontinued paths (teleport etc), A* tends to run non-optimally in terms of time with naive estimation functions. (I probably wouldn't have opted for A* to begin with.) This shouldn't be a problem for human players, as the perceived time to create a path is still in the milliseconds range. However, for the AI this proved disastrous. Therefore, some optimizations were made in the cost & estimation function which more optimistically estimate the path, making A* run more performant; but which sometimes result in non-optimal paths. The regression happened because these optimization probably snuck into the human player path calculations as well. Tl;dr: Regression of the fix, should be easily fixed. Thanks for reporting and I will fix it, but to be honest I didn't think anyone would notice as the pathing deviance isn't as bad as before the fix. ;-)
  12. Could you upload the save? Then I'll take a look at it straight away.
  13. Gijs-Jan

    Xenonauts V1.03 Released!

    This doesn't hang for me locally in the development environment, so this is presumably fixed in the next version.
  14. I did not program in any restrictions on Reaper behavior towards local forces or civilians, but a bug can always happen. However, I have not heard the complaint yet on the forums and have heard several times that maps with civilians tend to be pretty hard with Reapers. (Because they infect everyone) Two things that might be happening: - Zombies turn to fully fledged Reapers in a couple of turns; so the Reapers may just have turned someone and you didn't notice. - The civilians and Reapers spawn randomly, so it might be that they are just too far apart before Reapers find your soldiers (and prioritize them). Anyway, if you have a save game of it happening; I'll take a look!
  15. Gijs-Jan

    Xenonauts V1.01 Released!

    Could you detail on this or do you have a save? Because it sounds truly bizarre.
  16. Gijs-Jan

    Xenonauts V1.01 Released!

    So true..
  17. Thanks for the heads up. I'll look into it.
  18. Gijs-Jan

    Shooting from higher ground

    The new patch should include behavior which uses the upper levels for all races. Harridans have special behavior built in due to their unique abilities. I also labored quite a bit to reduce turn times. A typical 8 aliens, 4 civvies mission now has a turn time of 1-3 seconds for me. Mind that those numbers were reported on a pretty beefy machine.
  19. If the value isn't in aiprops.xml then probably not, sorry.
  20. The primary slowdown during the AI turn is displaying / running through animations. It takes up 50% to 90% of the total turn time. For missions with layouts which are hard to calculate for the pathing algorithm (large UFOs), this is around the 50% mark.
  21. As Skitso's inbox is full: (He PM'ed me on the Harridans / upper floors & Alien Morale) Actually, I've been working full time the past week on Harridan flying & upper floor behavior. From the AI perspective it's all finished now, however it unveiled a whole host of new bugs we are currently dealing with. (Harridan hover glow animation not finishing, funky LOS bugs for lower -> upper floors, etc) Alien Morale is more the gamelogic side of things, and the current AI should pick it up once integrated. I'm not sure on whether it'll make it in before the game is released.
  22. So, in this thread I would like to have a discussion with you on how we can change certain aspects of the AI behavior you found strange, faulty, or would like to suggest alternative behavior for. The primary reason for this thread is to present the bug reports / suggestions in such a way that I can easily replicate the situation from my end. In my experience, when dealing with bugs for the AI most time (if not all) was spent in trying to replicate the scenario locally. So the speed of bug fixing / tweaking of behavior will increase tremendously if you can help me in this! I will give preference to those that post saves, and are using the latest version! I therefore would like to suggest the following style: Save & (optional) Screenshot Link to a save and a screenshot which shows me what situation I'm dealing with (if applicable). You can post the save to the forum, and the screenshot to imgur.com (See example) Tech. Info Which version of Xenonauts are you using and which mods. (essentially everything I need to replicate it on my end) Observed Behavior Explain what behavior the AI shows, what it is doing wrong according to you. (or shouldn't be doing) Desired Behavior (Optional) Explain what behavior you think the AI should show. An example, based on Ol' Stinkys post: Save & Screenshot Save Link Tech Info Xenonauts v20 Balance Patch 2, Stinky's Map Pack 2 Observed Units try to enter the center, going through enemy fire. I think they are trying to get to the civilians inside on which they should have no knowledge. Desired The aliens should confront the Xenonaut units in front of the building and/or retreat to safety.
  23. Gijs-Jan

    Three HUZZAHS for Gijs-Jan!

    Thanks guys; it means a lot For the modders; almost every aspect of the AI can be adjusted to better fit behavior you want through the weights in AIProps.xml. I've primarily spent time in fixing bugs and adding in new behavior, so there is still a lot to be gained in tweaking those weights. Once the deadline of the release is over, I'll try to get some blog posts up explaining everything. (If I manage to find the time )
  24. Thanks for the report and the save, I'll get right on it!