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  1. They can be removed; so an update will get into the community edition.
  2. I personally loved UFO:Extraterrestrials re-imagining of the Geoscape. (Spoiler; I had it on repeat during development) [video=youtube;22jiNQgM7qw]
  3. I agree with the concepts of the points falling under "Ugly", although not entirely their contents. Expectation management is a fickle thing, and quality management is a difficult process anywhere, in IT doubly so. And yes, some of it could've been done better. But I'd like to take a minute to acknowledge that this is Goldhawk Interactive's first title, and as such is very much a learning process. I think the efforts that have gone into this game from Chris and the team have been nothing less than herculean. But it is something to consider for the next project. It should also be noted that from the development side most of us finally took a bit of a break after the release. I myself have been on a single week of holiday since I started working on Xenonauts. This is one of the reasons why bugfixing appeared to slow down a bit after release 1.07. Aside from that, most of what falls under "Bad" I see as personal preference. I personally really like the music (which given the hours spent listening to it is quite the accomplishment.), and same goes for the overall artstyle. Yes, the map pack could've been bigger, but I think we got a bit spoiled by Skitso's impressive work and help. The rest are things to consider for a potential X:II or for the community edition (on which some of us still occasionally work!). And, obviously, my thanks for the high praise on the AI. All in all, I like to thank you for voicing your opinion; now and in the past. I myself prefer fans vocal rather than silent and have enjoyed reading the community's feedback on the forum and occasional PM. While I didn't reply to all of them (or even frequently), do know that I (and more so Chris and the others) did read them.
  4. Gijs-Jan

    Civilian AI need fixing

    You can override it per race / rank. However; the running towards Reapers is probably something that's broken. I've put it on my list! (Mind you; it probably is just a value in the aiprops.xml gone wrong)
  5. Gijs-Jan

    Wraith. They are useless

    Thanks I'll probably enable a pre-teleport weight set and post-teleport weight set in a mod. And add a range check maybe for teleport as well.
  6. Gijs-Jan

    Wraith. They are useless

    Luckily; the Wraith problem is probably easily solved. Upload some saves and I'll take a look next week
  7. The AI does have squad sight; and does record what you do in its turn (if you get into LOS of an alien unit); just like the human player. Essentially I modeled the AI to have the same limitations as the human player. As for the reaction fire; sorry, but I haven't coded in any checks with regards to that AFAIK.
  8. The distant opening is (to my eyes) a bug which I'll fix once I find some free time for it. :-)
  9. My 2 cents, just to make sure you guys know I still read these threads as well! The AI is set to really "punish" players for certain tactics, aka, grouping your units together. Or better said; it just immediately determines its better to 'nade everyone to hell than to waste time shooting at individual units. So my advice is the same as every sound commander; don't group your units together! As for the AI cheating; it's not my intent to have the AI cheat, but lord knows multiple bugs have snuck through in the past. If you guys manage to get me saves which illustrate the behavior; I promise I'll still look into them and make sure that any resulting patches will roll out with the community edition. The magic door opening does seem like a bug; from a code perspective it really shouldn't be able to do that unless the unit is adjacent to the door. Maybe there's some problem going on with LOS not updating for players until after a AI unit moved away from the door. Again, give me a save; and I'll look into it.
  10. Gijs-Jan

    Is the AI cheating?

    The AI really has no knowledge on your TU; it's pure random chance that the aggressiveness is triggered. However; you'll probably only remember the time when they blasted your most precious soldiers to bits
  11. It should be in the new patch; and that should include a fix for AI not using doors if you block them. (which apparently is also in OpenXCOM, hilariously enough)
  12. Gijs-Jan

    Is the AI cheating?

    The aggressiveness isn't all-knowing; it has a certain chance to occur. That, coupled with the fact that the AI doesn't know your location, makes me chalk it down under necessities, instead of "cheating".
  13. Gijs-Jan

    Is the AI cheating?

    That's probably the aggressiveness triggering. If you would have debug view on the UFO; you would see the AI moving around a lot inside as well. The AI has no knowledge on where your troops are located outside (or it might through a glitch in LOS with the UFO?); so it won't know what to expect in terms of opposition, or how to position itself perfectly. However, due to the nearness it will try to explore around itself in an effort to find someone.
  14. Gijs-Jan

    Is the AI cheating?

    Haha, sadly no. I thought about it, but I opted not to; to give you guys a fighting chance with the reaction fire campers and all..
  15. Gijs-Jan

    Eat This Grenade. Period.

    Well, theoretically; but the chance is so low, it might just as well not happen.
  16. Gijs-Jan

    Is the AI cheating?

    Sorry; no. They only thing that happens is that the aggressiveness turns up a bit once you approach. However, they don't "know" where you are.
  17. Gijs-Jan

    Eat This Grenade. Period.

    Ok, to clear some things up: There is no magical, unblockable behavior for the AI. It plays, and follows the exact same rules the Xenonauts have. (The AI only asks the system to execute an action; not just "executes it") So an unblockable grenadier seems out of the question (or there's some very unlikely bug). The AI only throws grenades when multiple hits are possible; or when your units have a shield equipped. (the other case) Grenade throwing does work in squad sight; and most likely, if a unit has spotted your units; was killed, but your units didn't move afterwards; you will get 'naded by different units. (AI considers it a good "chance" to just toss a grenade at a potential group he has seen if no activity is seen coming from that location. As in; if the AI doesn't see you leave; it'll assume you are still at your location. Mikhail's above post is a good example) The explicit rule is that there should have been sight on at least one of your units (or squad sight). If the AI thinks you might be holing up with several units (think walls so it doesn't have LOS), then it might just take a chance and throw a grenade in there. The AI is quite reckless in collatoral damage; as long as it is in terms of property damage. Unless it provides a real benefit, it won't use AOE damage if this causes collatoral damage for friendlies or self.
  18. It will be in the next build.
  19. Gijs-Jan

    Xenonauts V1.06 Update Released!

    The AI uses the same accuracy and LOS calculations as the user; as in the exact same logic calls.
  20. A bug is always an option; so send it my way the moment it happens again
  21. This issue will probably be fixed in the next hotfix/patch. I uploaded a patch yesterday evening. It should also deal with the infamous "I-can-block-a-door-with-a-unit" bug. @Kabill On debugging: I saw in the save(s) you provided that you used the editor to setup several situations for the AI. I want to warn you that using the editor breaks the game in a lot of places. Especially tweaking the unit values will break a lot of AI effect calculations. This isn't a bug in the AI, but in the Editor in how it incorrectly sets values sometimes. One example is where you placed a unit with a modded high HP value next to the entrance. The Editor didn't adjust the maxHP correctly and set it internally to a negative value, this in turn resulted in the AI thinking that its effects would be positive for the Xenonaut, hence it not shooting. On the moving issue: There are as many opinions as there are people with regards to this. First it was a problem that AI units were crouched in defensive positions and wouldn't move, now it's that units in the UFO move too much. For this reason I've actually made it easy to disable that; just zero out the ProbabilisticSearch value in aiprops.xml. The problem is also that the AI is pretty sensible; it's not going to run into your shotgun equipped, high reaction skilled, Xenonauts waiting to gun it down. Anyway, I'll probably release a mod / patch at some point for more advanced players with an "Unleashed AI" which, among other things, also varies the values a bit more randomly in terms of aggression. Reapers use a planner for their logic; which is completely separate behavior and is primarily influenced by the pathing value variables; not the rest.
  22. You need to view the combat scenario from the AI perspective; its units are spread out around the map and it has vision on most tiles. Previously this lead to almost omnipotence; as the AI could with some clever statistics just figure out where you were. However it can still easily deduce which tiles will probably be dangerous and not just blindly run into them. There is extra aggressivity the moment you approach to counter this; but the AI doesn't have perfect information on where you are located. So if you position yourself correctly you will be able to "outsmart" it. As it's not fun to have your units grenaded from the other side of a wall; this was removed & dumbed down. I'm almost positively sure that the situation you described where you were grenaded from the other wall cannot happen in the current build. The AI is severely hampered with regards to grenade behavior; and will only use a grenade on a single unit in a very specific situation. (I'll let you figure out which one) As for using grenades on groups; please keep in mind that the LOS is a bit wonky sometimes and if an errant AI unit spots your group from across the wall; or through Psionics; all bets are off and you will get a grenade to the face. As for the popping out / remaining hidden; the aggressivity varies severely per the race. Would you expect the AI then to just run towards you out in the open?
  23. All the AI issues you mentioned (except for Reapers, if you let other AI units spot you) have been fixed for quite some while ago; and this is the first in quite some time that I've heard them mentioned again.
  24. No problem; you've been a tremendous help to me so far.