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    Portrait Editor

    Thanks for your answer, it's been a long time since I purchased Xenonaut 2 frankly I don't remember if I purchased the relative option (I will check, maybe no... ). I imagined that since in the settings there is the possibility of importing the code generated by the portrait editor, there was the possibility of using it, and perhaps adding variety to the pool of available soldiers. Thank you
  2. Hello everyone I wanted to edit some soldiers to import into the game, but I can no longer find where to download the editor. The only link (on kickstarter) does not lead to a file that can be downloaded. Can you help me ? Thanks.
  3. eltharion

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    Congratulations Chris maybe my wishes reach you late, but I would like to send you my best wishes, to you and your partner for the birth of the baby. Congratulations to both of you
  4. eltharion


    Insert the game K9 unit is a great indea. Personally I would hate to lose a dog in action, but it is unthinkable that they would not be used (at least initially) to look for aliens in a "search and destroy" or "search and capture" mission. Especially if the aliens could disguise themselves or infiltrate. I would opt for giving skills (and levels) and equipment to dogs, they could not carry heavy loads, because otherwise they would slow them down on the field (unless in the meantime they have become cyber dogs). Protection, sensors, and perhaps some ammunition, and medikit. For the rest, nothing else. Usually dogs should point aliens, and get out of enemy fire (unless ordered to attacked, but as others have said, they shouldn't be able to kill aliens by themselves. Unless the alien is weak, injured or particularly unlucky).
  5. eltharion

    Build V17.5 Planned!

    Yeah ... I'm still burning for "Legends of Pegasus"
  6. eltharion

    Build V16 Released!

    I bought them both Currently I'm playing X-Com, Xenonauts, UFO AI at turn ... do you think I'm addicted ??
  7. eltharion

    Neil Armstrong

    Neil Armstrong was one of the few who can be said fully Planetary Heroes. It does not matter which country they belong to, what they represented for every man, woman and child on the planet is something that knows no borders or nationality. The courage that has demonstrated in front of the unknown is something that few people can even think to have. It 'was a sad day, but the example he left us last forever.
  8. Personally, when I played the first X-Com I hated from the depths of my heart the crysalid. All started when my favorite colonel turned into a slimy zombies. When then acting as crysalid took out half of his former team, I had to prepare two bodyguards (heavily armed) for the most promising graduates. If you intend to make the Reaper "friendly" or even more than the old Crysalid ... it will be fun. Good luck;)
  9. eltharion

    Three Builds to Beta!

    I hope Desura publish the patch quickly .... I'm anxious to see the innovations: D
  10. eltharion

    V13.2 hotfix released!

    Finally ... Now I will be able to toast some alien with less bugs and a few more options. :rolleyes:
  11. eltharion

    Build V13 released!

    First, thanks for your understanding. Maybe I used a tone a little too enforced to voice my frustration. In the past I used the client Desura, and I had some problems with the software I use. Now I do not want to risk installing it and then do a bug hunt. I also understand that we are in August, and are definitely understaffed. But since it was updated for the Mac version, I do not think it would have taken too long for the PC. Anyway, I would appreciated that they had answered me ... two lines. From what I read I'm not the only one to ask for an update. Thanks for your reply, it means I'll have to organize, or wait for them to decide otherwise.
  12. eltharion

    Build V13 released!

    I do not care if they prefer the client. If they sell a product, and offer the possibility to download complete version, they must do so. I asked for an explanation, but I did not had anyone yet.
  13. eltharion

    Build V13 released!

    Still no response from Desura. The thing is getting ridiculous ... They have not even responded to my post in support. I posted a PM to one of the "volunteer" administrators of the site... Maybe we will get answer.
  14. eltharion

    Build V13 released!

    I also think that Chris could not do anything about ... I wrote and posted on the forums & support ... Desura Let's see if they wake up. Current time: no Answer. Maybe we could think of an alternative system, maybe a ftp where authorized users can download the archive file. Of course after getting authenticated. Ok is just an idea ... But I am irritated with Desura for non updating the links
  15. eltharion

    Build V13 released!

    Pc Version... It 's still 12.11 on Desura: ( I want to download the current version without having to install the client. On Desura is possible, but why not update the link??