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  1. you don't need an iPad, the game also runs on iPhone and iPod Touch.
  2. Code: 3TWWKWK6NXEX redeemed. i will download and write a short review soon Thanks Leisurerules inc.
  3. i think they are making a Ghola of Chris.
  4. Or we might be really fighting against alien theat in a parallel universe (where combats are turn based) is that some kind of "battle school" like Orson Scott Card most famous book?
  5. maybe he's an alien. Xenonauts is a tool to discover Earth's greatest commanders and eliminate them. EDIT: Max_Caine posted the same
  6. Hey Marcin, you can help us too:
  7. well, i really liked the demo (except the UI) with Xenonauts and the new X-Com we can have the best of both worlds.
  8. Xenonauts can't use alien weapons, but they can research them and produce their own hardware. (correct me if i'm wrong)
  9. I registered only to say this: +2 +3 Хорошо! Я буду работать для тeбя, проклятые капиталист! (Good! I will work for you, damned capitalist!) and +10 to Cynthia "Fox" Guzzman
  10. Well, in my country a local clone (with a few new rules) of Risk is almost a national sport, so we can join forces and split the world together. TEG, Tactica y Estrategia de Guerra - Tactical and War Estrategy.
  11. Its a great 4x game, totally worth it. The Gameplay and UI have been improved a lot with the latest patches and the developers actually listens the comunity
  12. please no small DLCs, when the game is fully released Chris can make another kickstarter to develop a full expansion with lots of new contents.
  13. My mistake, i forgot to clarify, at start you would be able to select east or west xenonauts, each one with their own set of weapons and vehicles, but when alien threat becomes too evident, they both join forces under player control (may be after a story mission?) After this event you gain a new base and financial aid from your former "enemy"