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  1. did this work? e launcher says 14.1 and the file had a folder called V15 . slightly confused
  2. actually i always enjoyed having to find the ufo, especially in scenarios where the map was bigger than the ufo. I rarely explored the whole map (if not some alien hiding somewhere). I dont like the idea to easily pinpoint what side the ufo is, and especially dislike if the whole side is the ufo or is otherwise easily identified. I think i would move on the edge of the map around it, either clockwise or counter clockwise, and i am not sure if thats a fun way to play, close to "the edge of the world".
  3. desura reminds me of the ninties - can be happy if i have 10 kb/s and download runs smooth for mroe than a minute.
  4. Thats a pity, as it makes it more unlikely to happen ^^ I completely agree about the turn based part tho. I dont want to cheat, still hope for a different option
  5. As mentioned in the other thread, an "auto-resolve" button for ppl not eager for the minigame is also not completely unreasonable.
  6. I feel similar like the original poster. The air minigame is not very fun/interesting for me. I can respect that my fighters are not fast or not strong enough (based one quipment stats etc) to shoot down an ufo, but to make it dependent on some form of arcade minigame, i simply dont like. Thats why i dont play an real-time jump n run, but some round-based strategy title in the first place. An "auto-resolve option" would be nice for ppl who simply dont enjoy that part. There could be an option to "auto-resolve" integrated in the minigame start window (when its paused), so the player can chose to either control himself or let the pc do it without having another pop-up. At this point for me a pop-up with the result of the auto-resolved battle would be enough, but of course it would be kind of cool to just watch the fight or jump in and take over control if the "auto-pilot" messes-up. Probably takes too much effort - so a pop-up with the result is probably all you could ask for at this point of the development. I think the possible combinations of enemies and player controlled vehicles is limited (3 on each side? with xy different ufos vehicles) and the aircraft weapons probably already have some stats etc. Well, there is always hope this can be modded later?
  7. I also experienced this with an alien dieing in a grenade fire, also "reptilian thing", and terror mission. Editded: And again during an terror mission. This time last thing i heard was an unknown sound of soem wounded alien. I can confirm Moxars statement, just wait around 10 minutes.