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  1. Well that's awkward.
  2. So how about some deafening congratulations from all of us and some vacation for all of you now? Well done everyone. This is a milestone and you at least deserve a heartfelt pat in the back, a few rounds of applause, a nice fresh beer and a few days off.
  3. To throw my two pennies out there, I'm fairly okay with how all enemies in general react on the field of battle. The only thing that needs close study in my opinion is the whole psionics powers, but I suppose that's already in motion (seeing that the "save crashes if it contains a mind-controlled soldier" issue has been fixed).
  4. Plus the fact that we're not exactly talking cutting-edge modern times there. We're talking about the worldwide event that was about to inspire Ridley Scott to direct a famous movie, so I'm not surprised if assault shields designed to stop plasma fire would be some hefty cast iron.
  5. It seems that I ran in a few more bugs/glitches. First, there seems to be a glitch with the Buzzard Armor : I'm not exactly sure when, but it seems that if a soldier halts and spots an enemy in mid-flight, the soldier sprite becomes invisible for the rest of the mission. Second, and slightly more game-breaking, if I save while one of my soldier is mind-controlled during a Battleship capture mission (oh do I hate mind control), and if I load this game, the game will crash at the end of the loading time. I was wondering if there was a bug tracker where I could fill up these small points, and should I deliver some kind of changelog or save file? Edit: nevermind, I found the bugtracker.
  6. Well I'm quite amazed at how much progress has been made from last time I played (v19, I think). The UFO and Alien base interiors are simply superb. The combat has been revamped in a way I appreciate very much (suppression and cover mechanics deserve a thumbs-up). Bug-wise, so far (I'm roughly around the time when aliens start spamming cruisers and battleships), the only one I've encountered is with Harridans. I don't know if it has been mentioned, but they sometimes "lose" their weapon on their sprite, meaning they run around as if they were bare-handed, until a plasma beam fires from their belly as they stand at attention on the battlefield. Nothing game-breaking at all, but I thought it was worth the mention. I'd like to point out again how I love the in-depth descriptions in the Xenopedia, and the pictures make it even more of a pleasure to read. Anyway, thanks again for the amazing work you did, Goldhawk, although my sleeping hours are reduced now because of the "okay, just this one mission then it's off to bed, okay just this next one then".
  7. More musics! I like that. Thanks Goldhawk
  8. The question is: "why Xenonauts?" Seriously, that makes about as much sense as a hamster with fish scales.
  9. Well when I usually can't be bothered with fighting aliens on a downed UFO, I generally do my best to have the air combat overseas. You can now understand why most of my soldiers paint "say hello to the Titanic for me, suckers" on the pilot's torpedoes. Regarding the question asked, though, the "sell the UFO crash site to the highest bidder" is an excellent suggestion. I believe they did something similar in UFO: Alien Invasion. You had to build off-base hangars to store the UFOs you recovered in a mission, and you had no place/had no further use for the craft, you could sell it to the Nations, granting a small boost in dosh and approval to the country. It could be a very viable option to have some income (although I think it should be less than if you went on the mission yourself), because money is hard to come by in the game, which is neat ; I always thought it was way too easy to get money in the original X-Com, especially if equipped your soldiers with nothing but laser weapons. You could also put an auto-resolve button for the ground combat, even though, just like Air Combat, it's a risky deal, especially if you "randomly" lose your best soldiers to a malicious RNG. My two cents thrown in, I'll edit the post if I think of anything really substantial.
  10. Well it was about time /v/ did something creative (and inoffensive) instead of ranting in its corner. It sums pretty much what (in my opinion) any sane man thinks.
  11. Frankly, I am okay with both the vanilla "technobabble" and the scientifically plausible one. If it's technobabble, I'm more than willing to put on my suspension of disbelief hat. Chris has done an impressive work of giving good flavour to the Xenopedia, especially the autopsies (the sebillians having unspecialized stem cells as an explanation for regeneration is one of my favourites), so I feel alright with letting a few anomalies go. If someone makes more precise details to some researches, I'm very curious to see what it'll be like, I always love to see what people come up with in a matter of explaining the unexplainable, as long as it means something in the end. (A good example to my confusing and poorly-translated point is in Fallout, when you travel to the Glow, and manage to get information on the Forced Evolutionary Virus. Not only is the vocabulary precise, but if you're willing to bypass a few points that aren't ultrarealistic and go on with suspension of disbelief, then it gives a whole new flavour to the story, giving acute and believable details on the alien and sci-fi elements you're dealing with).
  12. I'll translate your post, xbood, in case people don't understand french:
  13. Autopsies, yay! I'm a great fan of those, and will be delighted to see what you've come up with, people.
  14. You can count me in too, guys. It'll be just like my work, but fun!