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  1. You totally sold yourself out on air combat. You went from X-Com style air combat to unlimited fuel for dropships and forever free fighters. Do not make a sequel. I'm sure fanboys will defend you, but piss on that - I lost faith in you when you sold a slice of your integrity for the sake of getting the game finished.
  2. The thread title says 1.08, but install says it may not work? I like the realism options, but can I opt out of light sabers and dwarf war hammers on the install?
  3. Thank you. Much needed mod. Very much needed indeed. Keep updating.
  4. Yes. Transport ships have unlimited storage of ammunition, grenades, flash bangs, smoke, C4, shields, flares and virtually unlimited fuel. GG.
  5. You're kidding, right? How can you have extended the range - they already can circumnavigate the ENTIRE PLANET with one load of fuel. The game seems balanced on the air economy. Fine, but you keep making the air game super easy unrealistic. First with the never-die fighters now with unlimited dropship fuel. How can this still be called a Strategic Planetary Defense Simulator in good conscious....or maybe I'm wrong and you're going fix dropship fuel?
  6. Given the magic aircraft move, that makes sense. I already paid my money and wasted a year following this game. Kiss my future support goodbye, Chris. You let me down in the 11th hour.
  7. Thank you. What happens if your aircraft gets forced down from the UFO's non-lethal weapons over a body of water?
  8. What happens if your aircraft gets forced down from the UFO's non-lethal weapons over a body of water?
  9. I searched around but don't see anything. Is Chris still thinking or are we stuck with this bullshit idea of magical aircraft?
  10. I like the idea of difficulty levels, and I understand that development cost/time is a factor, help me, we better not see this game go candy land easy mode in the 11th hour.
  11. Neither the players nor the developers win when you dumb down the game. It sounds like Chris is warming to the idea of "never die aircraft" because it makes balance easier. Do Not Do It, Chris. It's a rook move and it sells out the integrity of the game. We've come all this way only to maybe have our hearts broken by this arcade feature. Just remove all air combat rather than never die planes - It's a better alternative to Xcom: Aliens in Candy Land.
  12. Always getting to recover your shot down aircraft makes it too arcade'ish. I'd be ok with a 25% chance, or something - but 100% recovery vs. superior tech is pretty batty.
  13. I've had Steam since 2006 and have never used the steam forums. Everyone knows serious people goto the game's official forums for help/advice/questions. Steam is a great place to keep your games all together, but reading their forums is like reading a bathroom wall - it's just a bunch of clowns killing a few minutes and trying to get a reaction.