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    German Translation - Update Thread

    As I previously said, the main problem for the translation are twofold. 1.) Chris has to finish up the texts first, before he can even consider giving them to a professional translator (that is if a professional translation is planned) and he might even have to reformat them, which takes time. 2.) Money. I just looked it up and a professional translator can cost you from 1,00 EUR to 4,00 EUR per 55 characters easily, depending on the difficulty of the text, even if they get an hourly wage, you can expect it to be often upward of 40 EUR, which in the case of Xenonauts will come down with a few thousands EUR to pay. Because of these reasons I believe that a German language version will not be available at release, but rather some time after that. In what form it will materialize is still unclear and for Chris to decide.
  2. Schnittertm

    Are steam keys going out?

    You should not expect it, yet, as the games not yet on steam, as soon as it is, though, Chris is probably going to tell all pre-orderers on how to get their steam keys.
  3. Well, I try to be the devil's advocate here. Why should there not be a small amount of antimatter be injected into the plasma? After all the matter/anti-matter annihilation reaction will create a huge amount of energy, which in turn could be used by some unknown physical process to power the creation of a gravitational field that gives the plasma bolt its coherence. An Annihilation reaction means a release of energy not necessarily an exothermic reaction akin to an explosion.
  4. Well, just a an FYI, the plural of Flammenwerfer is Flammenwerfer in German, we actually use an article (or context, but context is overrated in my opinion) in front of it to decide if we want to use singular or plural. Der Flammenwerfer = singular Die Flammenwerfer = plural
  5. Schnittertm

    The true origin of X-Com. UFO!

    Not in my case, no alcoholic beverages or any alcohol, for that matter, for me. Wisdom just means I got burned a long time before you did and if you don't listen to me you're going to get wisdom the painful way, too.
  6. Schnittertm

    German Translation - Update Thread

    Actually they don't, but I didn't have them in my translation plans anyway. I have the Sebillian Analysis though, which is the only species with an analysis right now and I have the Reaper autopsy, which also has a text.
  7. Schnittertm

    German Translation - Update Thread

    But they do, an English text. I haven't gotten around doing it in German yet.
  8. Schnittertm

    German Translation - Update Thread

    Also, nach dem was Chris im Forum gepostet hat, hätte er zwar gerne eine deutsche Version zum Release, aber es wird wohl keine möglich sein. Vorerst geht es ihm darum, dass Spiel fertigzustellen und Geld für einen professionellen Übersetzer ist zur Zeit auch nicht vorhanden. Ja, die kosten Geld. Weiterhin ist bei einer solchen Person eine gute oder angenehme Übersetzung trotz des Geldes nicht garantiert (siehe diverse Filme, Spiele (auch von nahmhaften, gutbetuchten Publishern und Bücher). Ob ich bis zum Release eine komplette Übersetzung schaffen werde oder kann, weiß ich noch nicht, da ich erstens keine Kenntnis über meine Motivationsstände habe und zweitens der Releasetermin noch nicht bekannt ist. Ich werde zwar tun was möglich ist, aber die einzige Garantie dich ich abgeben kann ist .Die strings.xml und xenopedia.xml kann man eigentlich in jeder Version nutzen, da sie nur das Ziel von anderen Programmteilen sind um Texte oder Textteile abzurufen. Wird der Text nicht gefunden wird er entweder gar nicht angezeigt oder nur ####, die restliche Funktion des Spiels wird dadurch nicht beeinflußt. Natürlich ist die aktuelleste zu bevorzugen, da hier voraussichtlich alle Links zu den Textbausteinen enthalten und, hoffentlich, auch richtig verlinkt sind (Tippfehler und ähnliches können immer mal passieren). Da man die Dateien auch ziemlich einfach austauschen kann, kann man jederzeit und ohne Gefährdung eines Spielstandes mal die Übersetzung ausprobieren (natürlich immer vorher Originaldateien sichern). Ansonsten hoffe ich, dass ich nächsten Montag endlich mal wieder ein Update habe. In den letzten zwei Wochen habe ich doch einige Zeit eher für mich aufgewendet, was aber auch verständlich ist, wenn man bedenkt, dass ich für diese Überstetzung meine eigene Zeit opfere und auch keine Bezahlung hierfür zu erwarten habe oder verlange.
  9. Schnittertm

    The true origin of X-Com. UFO!

    You didn't know about UFO? May I ask under what kind of Rock you were living? We even had this series here in Germany, which can be a pretty big rock for a lot of things.
  10. Schnittertm

    Battle Worlds: Kronos on KS

    Uhm, Erutan, there is already a thread about it: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/4667-BattleIsle-Returneth And, actually, since it seems to mimick the old Battle Isle mechanics pretty well (they might even have a few guys from the original Battle Isle dev team) I guess I will enjoy it on the PC, too. Oh, and I'd need to buy a tablet to play it on tablet, but it is planned for some time in the future.
  11. Schnittertm

    German Translation - Update Thread

    Update 3 - 23.04.2013 "So, no update yesterday and no new files today, what is up with you, man?" That might be a question that crops up. Well, I was about to post the update yesterday at 11:00pm when I came back from work, but this throbbing headache I had suggested that it would be far better to take an Aspirin and go to bed. I took the advice that my headache gave me. Last week I also haven't been able to do a lot of translation work, for several reasons. I had morning shift last week and in those weeks I'm usually more tired than in late shift weeks, as I go to bed far too late than is good for me. I'm just that what you call a night owl, like to stay up late and sleep in if I can. So, tiredness, is point one. Point two is games. Besides playing a lot of Xenonauts for research into the current progression of research projects (which essentially make up the Xenopedia entries) to keep the translation progression based, I've also been playing a bit of Battlefield 3, where I finally tried out the last DLC/Content updated and some more Rocksmith, to improve on the songs I've been learning to play there, more or less play that is. What are my current goals for this week? I plan to do a first translation for the following entries: Hunter Rocket Turret (no text yet, easy translation ) Alenium Explosives (same thing as Rocket Turret) Stun Weapons Sebilian Analysis Alien Interrogation Alien Alloy Fabrication Laser Weaponary Wolf Ballet....uhm, I meant Battle Armour Pulse Lasers Rapid Fire Lasers Reaper Autopsy Alien Heavy Plasma Rifle Alien Electronics Corsair Interceptor Scimitar Support Tank Electroshock Grenade Depending on how well it goes I might be able to finish all or only part of those entries. I'll also have to find a few or at least one Ceasan that wants to be introduced to either Stun grenades or the Cattle prod. Same with the Reaper. The first one I haven't seen in a while and the latter ones I'd rather not want to have too close to my guys and girls for obvious reasons. Well, anyway, that is my game plan and I should have an updated file up for your consumption and critisim next week.
  12. Schnittertm

    Missing tooltip text

    A lot of the tooltips are still work in progress and many have not been added. So far tooltips are there for most of the guns, but only very few for any equipment or grenades.
  13. Schnittertm

    Need some help...

    Leprachauns are easy to deal with, they like gold, they love it, so just give them the location of Fort Knox and everything should be fine. Have the US forces stationed there deal with them. Alternatively, to remedy your troubles for all time, you could move to Germany, the fairy folk abhore this region and try to steer clear of it every chance they get.
  14. Schnittertm

    Need some help...

    Well, for the sluagh, you know who you should call? Those guys: , they take care of problems with any type of spirit.Cait Sith or Cat Sidhe, well either it's the guy working for Shinra remote controlling a puppet and just playing with you or it's a real one. In the first case you're out of luck and just have to hope he gets bored, in the second case, just put your purse in a fridge and make a fire somewhere close by. Cat Sidhe like warmth and abhore cold. The fear daerg might also leave when he gets bored, but be happy that you don't have any powries or dunters in your house.
  15. Schnittertm

    Need some help...

    There is one thing that can make your day better, thermonuclear fire, because it is clear to me that any other fire is inferior. I know a guy in Russia that can hook you up with a Tsar bomb, over 50 Megatons of blasting goodness and your troubles will just blow away (which tends to happen when someone is vaporized in the center of a nuclear explosion).