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  1. Glad to see I wasn't the only one who put down Scottish as nationality. I honestly thought that'd get changed to British when they put it through, apparently not though.
  2. I honestly couldn't care less about file size. With some games these days pushing the 20gb mark (I'm looking at you Total War), it's very hard to get upset about large file-sizes. It may just mean an overnight download job.
  3. I'm intrigued at why those names in particular?
  4. Can I just point out that 'irregardless' makes no sense what so ever? I presume you mean regardless?
  5. I have to say, I do enjoy suppression, it actually feels worthwhile shooting at things, even when I miss. Female soldiers are a welcome addition as well as a touch nostalgic (and I have to be honest, I'm baffled that people want rid of them), even if they are all called Katrine or Jane in my current save-game. I'm largely impressed with the game, for an alpha release it leaves me quite confident of the future. /waves - mines a UK Large.
  6. I imagine that that's a play on the phrase 'the truth is out there' (think 'The X-Files').
  7. So am I! Sadly it now means I've got that and the Cannon Fodder recruitment screen music stuck in my head on a loop. Nostalgic times.
  8. I love the poster of the good old Interceptor on the personnel background. It's just a shame that with the UI layout as it is, it's rather wasted as you can't see it. I've no idea what the future holds as far as the UI is concerned, so I can't comment more than saying it'd be nice to see some way of making it more visible (some sort of hide UI button or semi-transparent menus perhaps?). P.S. Snozy, I'm loving the Geoscape remix.
  9. I wasn't aware that there was a kickstarter community per say? I just held off from posting here until it was all done and dusted. I wanted to make sure I'd actually paid for everything before I started to talk to people. Either way, it's nice to see things progressing. I'm very impressed with Xenonauts so far, even the air combat has grown on me. I feel like a right muppet as far as that goes, as I was rather sceptical of it at first. It's only recently that I've worked out I can do things other than the evade/afterburner/retreat combo. It's suddenly far more interesting than it was when I was simply lobbing aircraft after aircraft headfirst at UFO's until they were shot down.
  10. I figured I'd rear my head up on here whilst I wait for ITV to finish adverts (hiss) and get back to the football. I was going to hold off till Kickstarter had closed and I was rendered poor but oh well, four hours to go, might as well drop on here.