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  1. So, this are the steps i followred so far:

    - I deleted all traces of xenonauts 2 from my computer and my network shares and did a "clean install" of the newest beta, I tried launching the game with and without -gameSaveFolder="mypath"

    ==> same error as mentioned above

    I went back to milestone 1 which still crashes if I dont add -gameSaveFolder="mypath" to the launch options. With -gameSaveFolder="mypath" it launches normally and no save game or config files were present.

    Deleted all xenonauts traces from my pc and network shares again and "clean installed" newest Beta.

    ==> same error as mentioned above

    I dont think the error is linked to an old save or config file, since there are none left.

    Any Ideas?

  2. I did a clean install as advised in this forum. Since Milestone 2 was released i tried different patches, (Clean installed every time)

    After starting the game I immediately get a loading screen which says loading strategic layer Day 23 and its stuck at 57%.

    After deleting all the saves im confused, why this would happen.

    I use -gameSaveFolder=" to specify my saves folder since it was neccessary for me to be able to play Milestone 1.

    Removing -gameSaveFolder=" yields the same result.

    Unfortunately there is no log file present, since I have to qiut the game via ALT+F4.

    Ideas on how to fix it would be really appreciated

  3. Same for me, exept the progress bar reaches 100 %. and i am able to select the language. After clicking on understood its straight back to the desktop.

    Steam, amd 5900x + rtx3080 Win 11 with all patches and latest drivers. deleted all local files and reinstalled the game too.

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