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  1. Don't stop... believing.
  2. Also, payment won't come on the actual day, that the kickstarter ends. It can take up to a week before your card gets billed.
  3. If inside a ship, try lobbing grenades inthere. Just make sure to stay a bit back if there's a powersource inside (Provided you don't need it for money or research)
  4. Why'd you keep the laptop and leave the gaming desktop to your wife? Seems like a silly choice. You need your Desura key first, which will be sent out when the project closes. Once you have that, there are instructions in this forum thread (it's pretty simple):! At this point, I'd reckon it's best to order through Kickstarter, as that moves us towards stretch goals. So you'll have your medal in a three weeks time
  5. Yup, it could. I'm sure there's some of the more regular people around, that could compose one out of posts Chris' made, without Chris himself having to do anything, but look it over before it's posted.
  6. I've had this happen twice on Terrormissions as well.
  7. Yeah I've been building around it too:confused:
  8. When increasing the amount of units you want to sell/transfer, it would be much preferable if you could just plot in a number, instead of having to press the little increase/decrease arrows. When you're selling hundreds of units at a time, it's just an annoying wait, even if you hold the arrow down.
  9. I've had the same thing happen to me several times but actually also once had an alien fighter die from one standard missile (although I hit it in the rear, so not sure if intentional).
  10. Must say that, while the new art is definitely nice (reminds me a bit of Civilization), I much prefer the art the OP posted. Captures the feeling better.