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  1. Did you get multiple chain-reaction explosions from busses, pickup trucks, etc.? I've had a CTD when too many things blowed up real good. Cheers, CB
  2. I see the same thing happened to Sorbicol below. This pretty much puts a stop to the game. Cheers, CB
  3. I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with you there. For all of the other infinite items like grenades, once you build the more advanced item (e.g. fusion grenade), it's available at both bases. Also, there's no option to build an advanced medikit at the second base. There's also no way to transfer advance medikits from one base to the other since they don't show up in the storeroom. Cheers, CB
  4. Consistent crash. Cheers, CB auto_groundcombat_turn_1_end-1066.json
  5. I built the advanced medikit at the main base's workshop and sure enough, advanced medikits are available for soldiers at the main base. At the only other base I have, however, soldiers can only pick the original medikit. Cheers, CB auto_strategy_before_combat-250.json
  6. That's on the right track. I always thought a bit of a range boost for each better weapon might not be bad, either. Cheers, CB
  7. Great game and good to see progress. I fired it up a couple of weeks ago and I am getting close to the end of the game. At least I hope so. Two bugs (second one could be a WAD): 1. I recently built the third dropship (don't have the designation, but it's the one that carries 16 troops). I sent the dropship to a crash site and the troops in the seat row were stuck (second row I believe). I couldn't move them. I reloaded and rearranged the troop positions to avoid the seat row on the aircraft page and no problem. 2. Twice I took down a very large ship that had four floors. My guys started on the first floor, beamed to the second, then beamed to the fourth floor, skipping the third. The third floor was inaccessible as far as I could tell. I tried some C4 on the fourth floor and that didn't make any holes. Aliens would also show up on the third floor at the edge but my guys would always get a "100% block" indication. They'd be there, but we couldn't fire at each other. Anyway, I'd clear what I could and eventually it would give me the ship after a four-turn countdown. EDIT: Title. Cheers, CaptBeefheart
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