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  1. In fact, there may be many options, but the main ones are very banal. If the touchpad does not scroll the page, it is possible that the scrolling functions are not configured. First of all, make sure that you have it turned on at all. Because when reinstalling or updating any program or system, it can be disabled by the program itself. The same thing sometimes happens when the mouse is connected to a laptop. You can also replace the hard drive with which you can restore data recovery in a situation where it is necessary. Good luck to you.
  2. Minecraft has always been and will always be the best multiplayer game for me. It features excellent graphics and engaging gameplay. This game also offers a large and stunning open environment that gives your imagination a lot of room to run wild. In addition, I enjoy surviving or playing small games on various servers, such as https://servers-minecraft.net/minecraft-pixelmon-servers. I met some really wonderful guys on these servers who I've been friends with for about four years. This game has altered my life, and I hope that you may discover a game that can do the same for you.
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