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  1. Ok, maybe I am crazy but here is what I have experienced with the game, I am a contributor and have access to all versions that have been published. ON STEAM. version 1.02 is what is installed even with experimental selected, what other way is there to check version of steam DEMO. Second GOG, the game starts I get to select new game, but when it starts the loading either stops at 9 percent or crash's to desktop around 75 percent or so, the legacy version of the game comes up with a console full of red error messages and stops. I have uninstalled both and reinstalled with the same results, I have a screen shot of the console on GOG as well as a log file that was in a separate Documents directory that the game created, I use MY Documents for the default directory Anyone have any clue on this, to be honest, this has NEVER happened before with the game before. I have also included a DXdiag output.log DxDiag.txt
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