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  1. What I meant it would be great if AI in Xenonauts becomes a little bit smarter, first of all in terms of managing units as a team, but not as some number of single units. I guess it will take implementation of some new layer of AI logic - some strategic analysis, team tactic and so on. In our days humans brain has no chance against chess computers, for example. Why AI cannot be smarter in such games like Xenonauts ?
  2. For me, the main disadvantage of ground combat in Xenonauts is the fact that all alien units act independently from each other on the battlefield. At the same time on the opposite side Xenonaut units are handled in concert with a common tactical idea/goal, with reasonable distribution of roles in a team. Aliens just have no chance to win in this case, may be only due to significant superiority in numbers, which is not true in most missions. This fact makes ground combat a little bit boring for me. What is the point when your opponent is doomed to lose ?
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