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    Load times

    Sorry if you misinterpreted my message as a rant, but it was not one. I am aware that this is a beta and it is expected to be not optimized. I just wanted to bring to the attention that loading time in this game are important as long loading time would break the flow and fun of the game. So I hope they get a lot of optimization for release (10x improvement or better).
  2. I have the exact same problem, if that can help, please find attached the log as well as the savegame (crash reproducible 100% of the time) Last cleaner is in the building, method to kill him right away is to go down to the window from the exterior, shoot him through the window (first shoot with with burst mode, then single snap shot to finish him). Edit: added the zip of all the logs. output.log auto_groundcombat_turn_13_start-172.json Logs.zip
  3. Styx

    Xenonauts-2 UI/UX Feedback Thread

    I second this, I hotkey to bypass the reserve TU would be VERY useful. I love the possibility to reserve TU, however, very often I need to get beyond the reserve (to move further and hide behind a wall/cover), and having a hotkey to do that quickly would really help as right now it feels like it breaks the rhythm of the game to have to go and right click again to remove the reserve. A hotkey to bypass it (and keep the reserve enabled) would be great ! Thanks Edit: I just found out that you can actually bypass the reserve by pushing the Space key while clicking. I am not sure if that's an expected behavior, but it does allow to consume units in the reserve by doing so. So that's great ! Just let me know if that's a bug or a feature !
  4. Styx

    Load times

    Hello, I understand that the loading times are fairly long right now because of the debug mode. And while I do not have the opportunity to test it in "normal" mode to see how the load times would be, I just wanted to indicate that for me (and I guess for other players), long loading times are really spoiling the fun. I do hope that in deed the loading time in normal mode are going way faster, I just wanted to post that here to encourage the devs to spend time on optimizing those loading times. Otherwise, the game is great, it's just that I cannot wait that long on a loading screen in order to get back into the action ! Thank you
  5. Styx

    V21.2 - Combat screen ctd

    Crash to desktop as well for me, in a cleaner adbuction mission as well. Attached the log and savegame. Crash happened close to the end of the alien turn (as it was about to get my turn), i was able to briefly see the error appear at the bottom left of the screen in read indicating a "System.NullReferenceException" error with a lot of other details I did not get the time to read, the rest I guess will be in the logs. While I attached the save, I cannot guarantee you will be able to reproduce the issue with it as when I load this save, I do not get the crash anymore. output.log auto_groundcombat_turn_14_end-116.json