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    Xenonauts-2 UI/UX Feedback Thread

    Clicking a unit’s portrait in the bottom center of the screen should center on the unit. Borderless windowed really should be an option instead of just full screen and windowed. Doors should be visible on both sides when you see it on one side. You should not be forced to rotate your camera to find out there is a door there. The picture below is the same spot rotated. As you can see there are three doors, but you can only tell this from one perspective. The doors should be highlighted. Currently you can only tell if you rotate the screen or happen to mouse over where the door is and your cursor changes. In the old version if you saw it on one side you could see it no matter what There should be transparency around the mouse so you don’t have to rotate the camera to see on the other side of crates or objects. In the current version you can see there is a crate here in this shot. But in the other three rotations you cannot see the crate at all. The old version had transparency around the cursor to see things. I really think this should be included in the second game. Its rather annoying to constantly have to rotate the camera around to make sure you don't miss something or to figure out why you can't move because there is a crate you can only see from one angle blocking the path. Aliens need to have a transparency around them or a red outline like the xenonauts have green outlines (when in line of site). Currently you could be standing right next to an alien and not even know it because you can only see them from one angle (like the crate I showed above). The mars weapon platform should not be able to move though a jersey barrier. The green line makes it look like you should be able to move another tile or 2 but in reality you don’t have any movement left. Its inconsistent on what you can shoot around and what you cannot. It seems like when you are shooting to the right it lets you shoot but to the left blocks. The new range limitation is silly. You used to have green yellow then red ranges with a penalty in the yellow ranges. Now it just goes from green to red and the distances seem way to short. The constant popup and down of the hidden movement screen is annoying. Either do all the movement we can see at one time and hide it or just down have it popup. It was better with text saying alien movement or friendly movement. 0% block chance should not show up. When you click the red alien head it should raise your cursor to the level the alien is on. Currently when you click it it stays on whatever level you had it on. This leads to easily clicking the alien and thinking you are firing on it when in fact you are shooting the crate below it. In the original game it would raise your ground height to match the alien level. This also made it must easier to determine the height of flying units in the old game. Below is a picture of what happens when I click the red Alien Icon currently. You can see the selection bot is below the alien. The following picture is what I feel should happen(just like the old game) The reticle is on the same level as the alien and I don't have to change the height to find the correct one. I wish you could turn the grid on I liked the old version of shields that had a 100% chance to block damage from the front with a % for sides. Having only 80% for font significantly lowers the usefulness of shields. I love that aliens stay visible even if the unit that spotted them turns or moves away and loses Line of sight. You guys are doing a great job and I look forward to the new game. I can't wait until its available on early access so I can go more in depth with it and stream it.