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  1. One of the problems of previous versions of the X2 game was the lack of opportunities for the player to purposefully reduce panic in a certain region. Now that the bases will be cheaper and the planes will be more expensive, the player will be able to redirect his planes to the desired region where the aliens are too active. If it is necessary to make it so that the player cannot quickly create a huge army of planes (which surpasses all the forces of UFOs), then it is easier to increase the cost of planes than to invent other possibilities (for example, to limit the player's ability to build new bases on which the player can place Aircraft).
  2. Then what is the strategic point of spending huge amounts of money on: building factories and laboratories; hiring scientists and engineers; paying salaries to scientists and engineers; providing factories and laboratories with energy if ballistic weapons are superior to laser weapons in a number of important parameters?Then why would a player waste time studying laser weapons? What is the meaning of such a "weapon balance"?
  3. The problem is not in the graphical execution. The problem is that the underwater world is not only an unnatural (and even hostile) habitat for humans, but also that the underwater world is not filled with any associations and feelings that a person feels for the underwater world. (It's like a book in a foreign language). A book that a person sees, reads, but does not understand). Just compare your impressions with the house where you spent your entire childhood and with any other house you have visited. The childhood home will always be beautiful, no matter what slums this house is located in. The planet's land is a man's home, but the underwater world is not. The underwater world is a hostile habitat for humans. Therefore, the underwater world is always perceived as empty and lifeless, and urban developments are the most beautiful locations for the player's eyes.
  4. In UFO: 1-2, the player could choose two development strategies: 1. Focus your research on UFO equipment, which led to the appearance of a roomy Avenger ship (26 soldiers) and thus gain a numerical advantage over the enemy (on the battlefield), but have poor weapons and poor armor for soldiers. 2. Either: The player could focus his research on arming soldiers and thus get good weapons and good armor, but there would be few soldiers on the battlefield (14 soldiers). Unfortunately, in Xenonauts, the player cannot choose the strategy and tactics of ground combat that he likes the most. Neither by choosing one or another industry for research. Not with the help of special options in the difficulty settings of the game. The player could play the game twice and see completely different tactical battles each time.
  5. Is it similar to those games in which a player kills an opponent with a knife, gets "experience" for it and with the help of this experience improves the skills of a "hacker programmer", "fighter pilot", "diplomat" (other skills that have nothing to do with stabbing)???
  6. This means that you haven't played OpenXcom with its many modifications. The tasks of the missions there are very diverse.
  7. I propose a variant of the combat mission - "on the contrary". A tactical alien landing party arrives on a mission and tries to get out of a UFO, disperse around the location and complete a certain tactical task. The player's soldiers are dispersed in advance around the location and are trying to prevent the landing of the tactical alien mission. In case of defeat on the battlefield - aliens from UFOs are evacuated.
  8. I believe that one of the goals of hand-to-hand combat should be to block the enemy's weapons or completely disarm the enemy. Also, none of the participants in hand-to-hand combat can withdraw from hand-to-hand combat until one of the participants in hand-to-hand combat is destroyed or stunned. I would suggest an option in which hand-to-hand combat is fully automated (the actions of both opponents are controlled by artificial intelligence). Only one can come out of hand-to-hand combat capable.
  9. A balistic weapon is essentially a catapult that throws knives at the enemy with much greater force and much greater distance than a person is able to do it with his hands. I see the point of hand-to-hand combat only in preventing the enemy from firing a plasma cannon at the player's soldiers. Hand-to-hand combat should have a "suppression" effect so that the enemy loses the ability to use any other weapon except melee.
  10. 1. The presence of psionics: devalues any tactically advantageous position. No matter how profitably (successfully) the player would place his troops. Regardless of how profitable (successful) the aliens would take tactical positions inside the UFO, inside the building, behind the shelter - the presence of psionics from the enemy - makes these shelters; positions; lines of defense - meaningless. 2. If the player's soldiers have psionics, then the aliens should have much better psionics. After all, the aliens thought (worked) on this technology not day-week-month (like the player's scientists), but for centuries. And this means that in every battle where the player's psionicist takes one alien under full control, there should be two cases where the aliens completely control the player's soldiers. And if a player's team of 9 psion soldiers encounters a large UFO with 18 alien psions (or even a Small UFO with 9 alien psions), then the aliens must have much less psionic abilities than humans in order for the player to have a chance to cope with this, and not destroy most of his team at the same time. As a result, it turns out that psionic abilities are primarily the advantage of humans over aliens, and not the advantage of aliens over humans.
  11. Then the use of alien weapons should also be allowed. The technology of using alien weapons is simpler than the technology of using psionics. P.S. From the experience of playing UFO:1-2-3, psionics breaks the battle tactics too much and makes the aliens defenseless even against 1-2 player soldiers.
  12. m=E/c^2 The energy of a sniper cartridge 7.62 = 3500 Even if a laser weapon is twice as powerful as a sniper rifle. m=7000/300 000 000^2 The soldier will not feel this recoil.
  13. Obviously: it releases a charge of laser shot in one shot. Less obvious: it has a larger angle (a larger cone) of scattering of the laser beam. Also (theoretically) a laser shotgun should dazzle.
  14. The idea of having special tactical groups for different types of missions is just wonderful. But to implement it, you will need special skills for soldiers, and these skills should give a bonus on various types of missions. For example: UFO hacking skill (without this skill, it is almost impossible to get inside the UFO. And for success, 2-4 soldiers with a similar skill are needed.) Urban fighting skill. (Without this skill, soldiers shoot "on reaction" at civilians if civilians suddenly appear in sight.). Etc...
  15. The separation makes sense if Xenonauts 2 is also done with the expectation of the possibility of modifying the game. You can, of course, reduce the entire Xenonauts game to "special cases" (which were found among a wide variety of classic X-COM variants), motivating this by the need to optimize the gameplay, but this will make the game too specialized (focused only on the tastes of one audience) and make the modification process more difficult, and sometimes impossible.
  16. New fashion is often shown on TV. And although jeans were invented 150 years ago, almost all new models of jeans do not stand up to any criticism compared to the classic model. I agree with the fact that people always strive to experience something new, but "new" is not a synonym for the word "best".
  17. No matter what good specialists (soldiers) the player would hire, the player will always have soldiers with experience only for 1-2 battles (or no experience at all) and soldiers with experience for 10-20 battles. And the player will risk less experienced soldiers. The war for survival without death is like a detective film without a crime.
  18. The more advanced (developed) technologies xenonauts will have, the less experience (level of personal development) will be required from soldiers to achieve victory in battle. One day, the player will reach such a level of technology proficiency that the personal experience of soldiers will no longer play a decisive role.
  19. I would suggest this option: And the game has a "pool" (maximum list size) for hiring soldiers. Let's say that each region provides 5 soldiers for recruitment. There are 6 regions in total. In total, there will be 30 soldiers on the list for hiring personnel. (5*6=30). With the increase of panic in the region, the number of soldiers on the recruitment list (from the specified region) will decrease in proportion to the level of panic. For example: If in one region the Panic level is 20%, and in other regions the Panic level is 40%, then the size of the list for hiring soldiers will be equal to: 1 region (1-0,2)*5=4 2 region (1-0,4)*5=3 3 region (1-0,4)*5=3 4 region (1-0,4)*5=3 5 region (1-0,4)*5=3 6 region (1-0,4)*5=3 Total: the size of the list for hiring soldiers is 19 (4+3+3+3+3+3=19)
  20. Add an aircraft carrier to the game. An aircraft carrier ship can sail the seas and oceans. The aircraft carrier ship will have a radar to detect UFOs. There will be hangars for fighters on the aircraft carrier ship. The aircraft carrier ship will help solve the problem of targeted reduction of panic in the necessary region of the globe. In fact: The aircraft carrier ship is the player's floating base.
  21. A very good idea. If the player does not appear at the UFO crash site in a day or two, then the number of opponents may be so large that it is very difficult, and even impossible, to win a tactical battle. When there are 8-9 bases in the game, then the loss of 1-2 bases by a player (during the game) is not as painful as when there are 6 bases in the game.
  22. I agree. The counter reduces the intrigue and "gambling" of the game.
  23. Players are trying to save not so much soldiers as to preserve the experience accumulated by soldiers. In the game "Xenonauts 2" soldiers have an infinite resource, and therefore it makes no sense to take care of saving this resource. The experience of soldiers is a scarce resource. Total: first of all, players strive to keep experienced soldiers. As for the "lying position": this is a logical improvement of the X-COM series, which was implemented in the third part of the original series. X-COM 3 Apocalypsys
  24. There is a natural (logical) fact: a soldier has more pockets (space for inventory) after he puts an exoskeleton (military uniform) on his naked body. Unnatural (not logical) is the fact that a completely naked soldier has more pockets (places in the inventory) than a soldier who will wear a soldier's uniform. Items that are put on the soldier's body should not take up space in a tactical backpack. I agree with the fact that the image of an item (those that are dressed on a soldier) looks better to the player than a list of items (those that are dressed on a soldier). Additional armor plates, night glasses (other things that are put on the soldier's body) should also have an image.
  25. Civilians do not react in any way to the presence of the player's soldiers. The player's soldiers cannot influence the behavior of civilians in any way (soldiers do not have the functions of influencing the behavior of civilians). The only existing way to save civilians without completely killing the aliens is to paralyze (put to sleep) all civilians and bring them to the helicopter. As an option: I propose the idea of a mission in which huge robots fly around the city and paralyze all civilians. The player's task: 1. Distract the robots. 2. Collect the bodies of paralyzed civilians and deliver the bodies of civilians to the evacuation point. P.S. Robots shoot only paralyzing beams. With the help of ballistic weapons, robots can only be temporarily stunned. It is forbidden to use explosives in the city. (Otherwise, the panic increases).
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