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  1. During ground combat on a desert map, a grenade exploded on a concrete tile. The tile was apparently destroyed but just resulted in a black square.
  2. A way to add something new to the base building system would be to add some adjacency bonuses to different rooms. For example if you place two battery rooms next to each other they produce 2 extra power than if they were separated. Not sure how difficult this would be to implement at this stage of development but since we have gone back to the old base building tile system (which I was all for) it could make a good addition.
  3. Just a small quality of life thing. Consider adding tool tips to the different weapons and armor in the aircraft screen when the items are hovered over. Example: Aircraft Heavy Steel Plating should say that it adds +100 Health to the aircraft. This needs to be implemented on the missiles as well so players can know the differences between the Sidewinder and Avalanche to make their loadout decisions better. Loving the game progress so far, keep up the good work.