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    Help with getting community edition working

    also, it doesnt hurt to "verify integrity" after you switch it to community edition in steam
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    where can i purchase early access

    hi guys! thanks for the reply, I will stay the course and spread the word to the best of my ability to friends and family who are also eagerly awaiting the release of this game.. I cant tell you how much it means to me to be able to aim and shoot at targets and objects other than the aliens themselves, which was a feature of the original, and something sorely missing in most other renditions, other than of course, the last Xenonauts, and Pheonix Point. Ok, End of febuary. You will take my money then, comrade. And i will take game so nyet blyat. Adios, and remember to stay hydrated, and take breaks to stretch.
  3. well looks like your worries were unfounded, as we wholeheartedly rejected the traitor Trump, (who to this day, refuses to concede, after being impeached already once, and having no evidence of voter fraud)who was masquerading as a real POTUS, but luckily america smartened up, banned together, and dumped the turd, on november third. and this time, we got an actual real christian patriot to get us thru this pandemic crisis,(not that i want christians in charge of anything, but if they are gonna have no separation of church and state, then might as well be an actual christian, and not someone just grifting for votes) So #ThankChrist4Biden But all that nasty business aside, im gonna have to push back on the OP stating Firaxis re: the new xcom series, as "examples of releasing projects the right way" .. As i recall, Xcom2 was a total buggy mess for almost an entire year post release, and was supposed to be "mod friendly" and it turned out to be anything but friendly to mods, as just one or two of them would bork the entire game, and crash it to bluescreen. Just wanted to clarify any misconceptions about Firaxis, "being one of the good guys" when it comes to consumer friendly releases. And to the guy from UK lamenting about your boy Boris being in charge, could be worse, could be trump.
  4. so any news on when a playable copy might release for the public, that can be bought and played?
  5. is it too late to purchase the game, to participate in the beta\experimental build ? all i have is that demo of one battle on GOG, and ive literally played it a gazillion times, is this game still happening? and if so can i give my money to somebody please.. Sooo disappointed with phoenix xcom, and i love the original xenonauts, because its actually the only game that has re-imagined the original xcom, out of all the posers. So yea, ive been trying to follow this game for years now, and im hoping its still happening, and like i said. heres my money . and merry xmas
  6. Hi! ive been following this game for years, i downloaded the demo a few years back on GOG, but was anxiously waiting for the early access, but i didnt even know about it, so i can i please give you guys my money to upgrade my demo version on GOG to a Beta? also i lost my job during the pandemic, so i would love to use my time just bug testing your awesome version of the best IP ever! thanks, a fan who just had the second only good news of 2020 come into his life, would like just one more tiny third plz