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    Feeling X2 11-11

    As I said: I love the game. I reported my impressions and feelings to add some more information to calculate the impact of their work. I loved X1, and I am going keep playing X2. So there is no need to convince oder correct me, how I do feel and should feel about the game. And there is no need to defend the Devs against those impressions, nor to explain that a beta is a beta and not the final game. Just take it as an information about some invisible parts of a game: the feelings of a player and the very reasion, why he/she is playing a game.
  2. mcw

    Feeling X2 11-11

    It might be a major problem, if there is so much new stuff and it feels all the same as X1 because you can't tell the difference within the game-experience. Whatever things were made, they don't carry the weight. Which ist disappointing if you love the game. And I do. If a player can't tell the difference, it does not matter if you thing, that there should be a difference. The bait should be tasty for the fish, not the angler.
  3. Hello all together, I had some time to keep track and check the current beta and I wanted to share my impressions as a feedback by somebody, who enjoied x1 and is patiently waiting ever since then. First, I really dont feel a difference toward X1. It has been some time, so I am not comparing the details, but the impression and feeling. And it feels as I am playing X1. Not a single time I was surprised, annoyed, amazed, scared ... whatever I did, I was used to it. I cant grasp any feel-able changes, which confused me and risks to evolve into boredom. Second, right now there is no sense into any geoscape. either air-combat, or strategic basebuilding or command centeres: it does not make any difference. whatever I do, it feels the same in every aspekt. It does not matter how I equip the jets; which command center I get first; where I build a base and if I devolp a base into any specialisation -- it does end up all in the same way. So after a coulpe of weeks I dont care, I just speed up and click at some buttons. Third, the storytelling shocked me after the first genocide. the second one made me uncomfortable, the third one was a mere acknowledgement. With that major thread most of the other things just did not matter any more. If there is any raid, base, UFO or whatsoever, I merely noticed the difference. There wernt any other elements in the storytelling, which cought my attention, nothing else made a difference. And after the 6th destroyed city this it started to feel hollow and meaningless. I was asking myself: Why do I have to struggle with some minor fundings if the apocalypse is knocking on the door and every nation does not care if their best/technological most advanced/tactical superior chance is choking on some scientist. In short: I am missing the interaction with the world -- anything of it. Fourth, the tactical layer feels good for the most part. I linger for some more variety at the start of a mission: a bordcanon for the dropship; any feeling for special operation forces and some elite soldiers which I really care for -- but all in all it feels good. some suprises might be nice for the sake of dramaturgy and the curiosity for the one next mission which will surprise me. Fith, I am missing some game-changing science-stuff. It does not really matter what it is, as long as it breaks the redundance of the mechanics: UFO, Mission, Home. Something like the psionics in the other xcom-clones - I dont know exactly. I am aching for suprises, or for the chance to to anything different. Maybe a rescue-mission for a hostage/agent with a timer, some stealth-missions or a strategic mission to track UFOs by some stealth-fighter without a fight. So far some spontaneous impressions. cheers m
  4. Well. I contacted the support and we'll see in a couple of days. Thx
  5. Nope, -- no E-Mails so far.
  6. Hi, after some time I checked Xenonauts2 again. Though my Xsolla does not update the game, it's frozen on 1.6.37 and neither repair nor reinstallation does help. So I'd like to change to steam or any other running system. How can I do this? Thanks & Cheers mcw