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    Yes, well you don't have to know the layout of every rock and bush but you should know the basic layout
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    In a lot of strategy game in order to maintain balance between the two opposing (sometimes even human) players there's a fog of war across all of the map. While a fog of war is a good idea I do think that coming by the air to a crashed (or non crashed) landing on your own planet is a missed opportunity to try and change or spice things up. How do you think a battle or your behavior would change if you had at least a basic layout of the map? You'll still have fog of war but you'll know where buildings, walls etc are. Theoretically you'll also have intel from surveillance (via airplanes or satellites) on the amount of enemy troops (even a rough estimate by words like: a few, several, multitude, swarm etc would be enough) I don't know how exactly this would effect gameplay but taking examples from a competitor, they had a stage before they figured out what mechanics to implement exactly where the game just kept changing to check different play or mechanics (like one time line of sight was laser pointers from soldier to enemies and other soldier and the whole battlefield was just laser lines) while not having access to the game myself I think it would make for an interesting test, and since the game hasn't been released as a "beta" to the public I might not be too late to examine new ideas... what are your thoughts on the subject?