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  1. Nightowl

    Suggestion: Continental Bonus

    Are you reading this in context of the original point of the thread? If you did take his suggestion, then the list would be a continental bonus system, building relays for bonuses and mission types. There has to be a limit as to how much "like" another game you can be without the inevitable happening. I know it's a Work In Progress, just throwing a sheet anchor windward so that people who want a "game like the other game" won't end up driving this into a "copy of the other game". Hell, if you read the original post, he even directly said "he has not played Xcom for years", which should hint as to the genesis of his ideas.
  2. Nightowl

    Suggestion: Continental Bonus

    Fair enough, just change the name of the missions. Otherwise it is going to be very obvious that it's not only the mission types that is being replicated.
  3. Nightowl

    Suggestion: Continental Bonus

    You know, you're definitely going to get accusations of being an X-Com2 clone if your mechanics and even missions are so similar to it. I don't think it would do anyone any good if such copying came about. There is no reason not to involve a little more creativity for something different. For example, instead of the "Assasinate VIP", you could simply call it "Disrupt Alliance meeting" (An alien negotiator is meeting with a leader of a separatist movement to discuss an alliance. Ensure that neither of them survive.) and have a mixed enemy force of humans and aliens that you have to fight. Bombing Stock Exchange: In order to cause economic disruption, aliens have begun attacking financial centers. If something is not done, the economic downturn will cause a loss of funding to the Xenonauts program and dissatisfaction with our progress. Escort Tech Transfer: (Possible strategic option with new tech discovered, limited to new weapons and armour): To increase the effectiveness of local forces to resist the alien threat, Xenonaut HQ has decided to release their findings of alien tech to the world governments. Ensure that the transport reaches its destination (can be an air defence mission, ensure a helicopter reaches country X without being shot down, or a land transport mission), relationship bonus if mission is successful. Invasion!: Aliens have set up an invasion base to militarily conquer Country X outright. Local forces are holding their own for now but casualties are mounting and panic is spreading. Help them by taking out strategic targets protecting the alien base and causing their position to become untenable (random missions can be between taking out alien artillery, alien air defences, alien power plant, alien leadership, open a breech by cleaning out all aliens in an area or blowing up invasion base power plant, so many possible options). As you can see, there really isn't a point in courting accusations of plagiarism or copying when there are so many more possible other routes to choose from. It does Xenonauts a disservice to be seen just as a copy of something else.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Amy_RWpU8t4 As for the alloy/material starvation, you could add it in as an optional tech or 2. I can even think of the text: Level 1 As you know, most of the alien alloys we have found do not exist in the form of ingots for our convenience. The vast majority of it are already processed into alien structures and equipment that are of little use to us. Our new laser technology now offers us the chance to melt down and recycle metals found in alien equipment found in the field, which would go a long way into relieving our shortage of alien alloys for construction. (Come to think of it, it might be an option, instead of auto-selling the equipment for $X, there could be the option to recycle it instead, leaving the player a choice between money or material). Level 2 Similar to when we used lasers to melt down alien equipment, we can now use plasma to melt down and recycle the walls and structures of alien UFOs. As crude and brute force as the process may be, it should be simple for even the engineers in our workshops to do. (Alloy bonus depending on size of UFO cleaned out).
  5. Nightowl

    Suggestion: Continental Bonus

    Isn't this just copying that X-com remake again? And worse, does not even consider the game content. In Xenonaut, you are ALREADY controlling things on a continental level, the smallest political unit is a continent unlike in X-com where you have "X sub regions = 1 continent", so there is no "area collecting" since the instant you start the game, all the continents are already in your control. The 2 are different games. What works in one does not mean it will work in another, especially since they start in opposite directions. One, you start with everything, the other you start with nothing territorywise.
  6. This could cause a big problem. Your biggest worry in the game is not being attacked, it's when no one attacks! lol. If the aliens don't attack, you don't get tech, money or material and this can jam your campaign even more than being invaded.
  7. Thank God! I just reinstalled X1 for the fun of it and ..... let us just say my men are more of a danger to themselves than the aliens are to them! I tend to play on Ironman to "live with my mistakes", so when something screws up, I try to roll with it but I've found that in every mission, someone will flub a grenade throw. It's fine if it's smoke, can be painful if flashbang, and utterly stupid if it's an explosive. Let us be honest, even the most raw recruit does not drop grenades at his own feet, in a million man army, I only heard of it happening ONCE and that was in the 90s. Falling short, yes. Bouncing back closer to you, yes, but not right at your own feet. And you can't even get a guy standing next to the incompetent to grab the flubbed toss and throw it somewhere else. In real life, someone like this would have been canned from the service or even jailed for negligent homicide after the mates of the guy he killed had a "discussion" with him about his incompetence much less be selected for a special ops team. Good to know that this is being fixed, it really was a mood breaker to see such incompetence in a soldier.