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  1. After an initial mission against the aliens, the site cleaning team are attacked upon their return to base with artifacts, It turns out alien technology has homing beacons built within it, fortunately at our current level of technology we can detect this locally (though not at as vast a distance as the aliens) and have found a way to mask the signature. However, whilst stocks off world artifacts are presently secure at our main base, the aliens may develop the ability to nullify our efforts going into the future and I would advise building a fortified science base, at the aside of our engineering, command and assault structures.
  2. If aliens really do have an influence over Earth society, they may choose to influence those with intelligence and forsake those without [cunning, like nature with the Dodo]. Which are you Goldhawk, which are you?!?!?
  3. A move one square and shoot action using the equivalent action points as a manual attempt, but performed seemlessly. I am unaware of how the game plays, as I am waiting on the full release to appear down at GOG, but presuming the character has a skill that improves such as agility, this could reduce the ap's of such an action. Ergo when you hover the mouse over an alien, with the move-to-shoot initiated, the best square to take the shot and the odds will highlight on the map, according to the characters skill. Gives a little breathing space for moving somewhere that wasn't quite as your perspective initially.
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