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  1. 1. Nationality. Your homeland is a place where you accustomed to live. Your body knows how to live here. Send me to jungles of Vietnam, to Arabian desert, even to Texas prairie - and I will spend more time and power striving against unfamiliar environment than fighting enemy. Send Vietnamese bush-fighter, Arabian warrior of sand, Texan cowboy to Karelian hilly forests and swamps of my childhood - and they are sitting ducks and easy targets. Training can diminish this problem, but it take years to eleminate it. Moreover, your homeland is a place where you have no problems to communicate with local inhabitants. And, finally, there you fight not for more-or-less abstract "humanity", but for your own home-sweet-home, for your mom and dad, for things you learned to love even before you learned to walk and speak. Gamewise During ground combat soldiers from this country get: - (small) bonus Reflexes - bonus TU (or less TU cost for movement) - bonus to Morale/Bravery - bonus percentage when using partial cover. And special ability "speak with local" (moderate TU cost). When speak with non-combatant, you can choose from: - ask where aliens are. He share his field of view with your crew till end of turn. If turn before he seen aliens somewhere and that place currently is not in your field of view, game put an always visible mark (alien silouette?) until you check a place. ("There is a monster in this barn!"). - recommend to move in (N/W/S/E) direction or to take nearest cover (with percentage for successful switch his AI script - he is not obliged to comply) When speaking to combatant human (soldier, cop, armed farmer etc.), you have additional options: - ask him to attack in (N/W/S/E) direction or - ask him to hold current position (i.e. stay here and reserve maximum TU until he will see aliens). Again, there is a percentage for success ("Roger!") or failure ("Bug off, you're not my sergeant!")