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    V8 Balance thread

    I researched and produced some allien weapon indeed but looking at it's paremetrs I wasn't really sure it's worth equiping all my soldiers with it. Anyway from the design point I think the game should not present you new enemies like this when you didn't meet androids before and then get 7 of them at once runing at you. You should meet 1 or 2 androids first at some mission to understand how dangerous they can be and adjust your tactics and weapon for new battles against them. I managed to complete this mission equiping all my squad members with MG to max raw firepower but it was quite dirty save-load victory. I doubt I could beat so many androids that early on iron man.
  2. Rusknight

    V8 Balance thread

    About missions balance in v8.1 Started the game Had about 10 ordinary missions - all of them were quite easy - seems ok for the start Had 1 raid mission in month 1 with normal aliens (sebilians or whatever biological creatures) - average difficulty - seems like a normal upgrade over those first ordinary missions Got another raid mission on month 2 with robots. Well, 7 big robots attacking me at once near dropship and exploding if I kill them - wtf... My squad is with ballistic weapon yet in composit armor (tier2) and killing 1-2 robots per turn seems to be the maximum of what I can do... and if they come close killing them turns into a suicide for my own soldiers. Looks like a bit too much for the 2 month mission.
  3. I have the same bug at alien raid mission with robots in v8.1. The game stops randomly at the end of alien turn with "alien activity" sign on the screen and nothing happens further and no sound of anything happening - I waited for 10 minutes but it didn't help. If I replay this mission this bug happens randomly again at some turn. Only on this raid mission with robots. Didn't see it before
  4. Rusknight

    Geoscape Strategic Operations

    I think strategic operations are to simple now. There is no trade off. You just recriut some extra soldiers and send them to all strategic operations that you see and you always succed in it. So it looks like just some extra clicks which always bring you the profit without any risk. There should be some risk and risk management. An obvious improvement will be to add difficulty levels to operations (so harder operations require more and better soldiers) and remove a limit of 3 soldiers which you can send and make it in the way that the more soldiers you send and with higher rank - the more chances to success. So let's say you can send 1 soldier to an operation and your chances to success are only 10% then. But if this 1 soldier is not private but colonel your chances are 30%. Or you can send 10 soldiers and your chances for success will be much higher... So both the number and the rank should matter Moreover some operations can have some special requirements for strenght, bravery, reflexes and so on. Some should require some special equipment like laser weapon or whatever.
  5. I played Xenonauts 1 and playing Beta of Xenonauts 2 now. I am absolutly fine with turn-based combat, it's a core feature of this game, so its not that stupid thread "make it real time!" However there is one thing I never could understand: why making combat turn-based for 100%? Why not to make it real time if you don't see enemies and enemies don't see you. So real time before and after the fight. Like in Jagged Alliance 2, Fallout 1,2 and many other games with turn-based combat. I definetly would like to see it as an option. The problem with 100% turn based combat that it makes the game very slow. Its a standard situation when you killed all aliens outside the UFO and then need to make something like 10 turns without fighting to actually reach that UFO with aliens inside to kill them and finish the mission. It takes so much time without any fun. Why not to make this run in real time in a minute and then have a turn-based fight again?
  6. Rusknight

    Turn-based all the time - why?

    Yes, I know that it was this way in the original. Frankly speaking I think 100% turn-based combat is an outdated design. Games like Jagged Alliance 2 or Fallout 1/2 that was released later improved it with a mix of real time and turn-base. The reason they did it is to shorten those moments when nothing happens and you just skip turns or spend them on movement and weapon reloading - those moments which make the game longer without fun. However I unerstand that many players probably like 100% turn-base for nostalgia or other reasons. That's why I asked for an option for a mix of turn-base and real time - something what can be turned on\off. I think it would be a great addition to this game and improvement to its design. Though it will hardly happen for many reasons, I know.
  7. I have this bug regulary I have soldiers that are free now and can be sent to the strategic operation I click on that operation and see a list of all my soldiers but their names are grey in this list and I cannot select any of them from the list becouse of it. I make a save, exit the game, start it again, load the save, do the same things again - the list is white this time, so I can select soldiers now and send them. So I have to do this save\restart\load trick almost every time when I want to send soldiers to strategic operation.
  8. I would definetly like to have 3 tiles width dropship with a corridor so that soldiers inside could move freely. I don't really care whether it will be some real transport (like mi26) or some fantasy one - functionality is the key issue here.