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  1. You can't play aggressive in the last mission. There is plenty of cover for the aliens to gun the troops down if I did that. Also there are those two doors leading to the reactors which have 4 androids and other aliens effectively killing your troops in the crossfire. Farthest I got without cheats was to kill the aliens near the doors, not blowing them open and then trying to push ahead.
  2. I was so full of it by that time that I didn't play it from the start with the edited files, I just loaded a save where my troops were about halfway through the map went for the boss and two turns after that the reapers were unleashed. I didn't have highest end gear, no Singularity cannon for me. Just mix of sentinel and predator armor, plasma rifles, plasma casters, precision plasma, rocket launchers with fusion rockets..
  3. Hi, I'm a X-com veteran since the 90's and had a great time with your game around 2016 and 2017. I've been stuck in the last mission for 2½ YEARS! I've tried to finish it like few times a year. Finally I gave up trying and edited the configuration files so movement would consume only 1 AP. It wasn't enough, then I modified the grenade throw distance and shooting accuracy. That too wasn't enough. Finally I found the settings for armor and increased them by 1000% making my soldiers invincible. Finally I was able to beat the mission, altough because the reapers were unleashed all my soldiers died. This is the hardest last mission ever made in any game and it partially ruined the experience for me. I don't see myself going back to the first game ever again.